Deus EX: Human Revolution Now Available

Square Enix Ltd. has today launched the highly-anticipated Deus Ex: Human Revolution throughout PAL territories, as part of the Eidos Interactive label. Available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the exciting debut title release for Eidos-Montreal.

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DeadlyFire2638d ago

Except at Gamestop if your looking for PC edition.

StayStatic2638d ago

Except if the the post is slacking , its 1pm here and yet to arrive , god help the customer service guys ear if they sent it to my old flat address by accident & fails to arrive here.

Perjoss2638d ago

had a similar problem in HMV, they didnt have a collectors edition for PC :(

Baka-akaB2638d ago

Steam augmented version FTW

Triggs2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Noice! Enjoy!

Load times for the PC version were apparently improved. When I played the game for two days after release, saved games and loading screens varied from 30-40 seconds, now it's only about 5-10 seconds so it's not a pain to load a saved game anymore.

CDbiggen2638d ago

Got it today in HMV here in the UK. Got the Blade Runner Blu-Ray free!

JohnnyMann4202638d ago

My bro has owned it for a few days... is this a regional thing or is the article late.

pr0digyZA2638d ago

Yes us region got it first I believe, uk it has launched today.

Triggs2638d ago

Europe's release date is today (Friday).