Valkyria Chronicles News Coming Soon

Andriasang: The Valkyria Chronicles 3 news blog was updated today with a slight tease. The blog says that there will probably be a small bit of news shortly.

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golsilva2664d ago

it says a small bit of news so probably dlc or something small but hoping for a ps3/vita vc game.

pinkyxyz2664d ago

Port it over to the vita with updated graphics and new features and MAYBE I'll finally forgive you for never releasing another entry on the Ps3 sega.......maybe

Son_Lee2664d ago

Why 2 and 3 are not on PS3 is mind-blowing. The original VC remains one of the PS3's best RPGs and best games in general. I only played it for 4 hours, but I need to get it back. Game blew me away. And I don't typically go for strategy RPGs.

pinkyxyz2664d ago

same with me, I only put a few hours in but I really want to finish it up soon

knifefight2664d ago

The profit margin is higher for a PSP game. Makes a little less money per unit at the shops, but in Japan PSP software sells more than PS3 software and a PSP game costs a lot less to make. The yen being worth a heck of a heck of a heck of a lot more than the dollar, Japan's side is where the interest of an international company like Sega will lie. Sucks for guys like you and me that would rather have it on PS3 though =/
I miss my huge battlefields :(

tarbis2664d ago

True about the PSP. However, VC came out first on PS3 and everyone was expecting to have the sequel on the PS3.
Fans were pissed off about it and sales were less than stellar than it did on the PS3.
The worst thing about it, is they still persisted on making the 3rd game on the PSP, and the sales of those 2 did not even came close to the sales of the VC in PS3.
So, I hope Sega take their heads out of their asses this time and do the right thing. Remake 2 and 3 and put it on PS3 and PSV with save transfer.

knifefight2664d ago

Hey I'm right there with you on those feelings brother.

Just the thing is, Valkyria 2 made more money overall than VC1 did, which is why they kept going handheld with part 3. I hope for the next one -- whenever it is -- to return to a console but I fear the power of the mighty Japanese handheld market.

tiffac0082664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

The funny thing about Valkyria Chronicles is that the original one on the PS3 sold more in NA than in Japan. So everyone was kind of shock when the sequels came out on the PSP which is popular in Japan and not in NA.

I can't argue with you guys which version made more profit since the only sales chart we can have is vgchartz and that's not 100% reliable.

All I'm hoping now is to see VC3 localized. I don't care if its for the PSP or a remastered version for the PSV. I just want the game to come over.

Hicken2664d ago

Put it on the PS3 or I'll cry... or something more effective...

Tuxedo_Mask2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

HD Remake like the PSP Monster Hunter perhaps? That's one way to get it back on the PS3.

knifefight2664d ago

It's also one way to get a pile of my money.

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