PlayStation Vita Ports on Nintendo 3DS?

PlayStation Vita has yet to launch, but it's got one major advantage over Nintendo's 3DS: a second analog stick. According to EA labels head Frank Gibeau, Sony's portable could have a "better chance" in the market, but rumors are pointing towards Nintendo taking action to de-emphasize 3D and add another analog. If this happens, be prepared for a flood of Vita ports on 3DS, says one analyst.

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donniebaseball2643d ago

Well that would be interesting - I definitely see the logic in it from a 3rd party publishing standpoint.

Best2643d ago

How about we get Nintendo 3DS ports on the Vita. That would surely be better.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2643d ago

I think this is what we'll see if devs are lazy to update their games with better visuals for the Vita

Ult iMate2643d ago

Resident Evil Revelations for PSV. C'mon, Capcom. We all know you're a totally for multiplatform.

life doomer2643d ago

If nintendo adds another analog stick on the 3ds, i'll be really pist.

donniebaseball2643d ago

They might do it with some add-on meaning you wouldn't have to buy a whole new unit. For now it's all rumors though.

Beetey2643d ago

I realize I am going to get a flood of disagrees with this but when are people going to accept that the 3DS is not as powerful as the Vita. Seriously, if a game could be ported from the Vita to the 3DS than it wasn't that good of a Vita game to begin with!

DarkBlood2643d ago

that depends on the gameplay more then the graphics

i mean unless i dont know any better then this for example it wouldnt be that hard to port a turn based rpg game

tarbis2643d ago

Aye, 'coz if the game requires the 2nd analog stick and multi-touch function, it's gonna be development hell porting a PSV game on 3DS.
Best they perish that thought.

tarbis2643d ago

I disagree that you're going to get a flood of disagrees. 'Coz I agreed with your statement. XD

tiffac0082642d ago

Let me prove you wrong by agreeing with you. lol!

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StarWolf2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

i have a 3ds, ill get 3rd party games on the Vita.

OpenGL2643d ago

The games better be pretty simple because porting a Vita game to the 3DS will be a lot like porting a PS3/360 game to the Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.