PS3 50 million European dream a reality?

Since Sony revealed a price-drop for its PlayStation 3 (PS3) home videogame console, reports started coming in regarding the hardware's sales spike, as consumers rushed to get their hands on a heavily discounted and highly popular piece of entertainment.

Sony has always professed to have a ten-year plan for the console, and five years into its life it doesn't look as though it's going anywhere anytime soon. There are still a bunch of fantastic titles still to come for it, and people obviously still have a strong interest if it's still selling so well.

But does Sony's console beast have the market strength to reach 50 million sales in Europe, the milestone benchmark reached by the product's predecessor in the PlayStation 2? That's the question Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Jim Ryan has persuaded me to raise, and Sony have clearly set it as a marker they hope to eventually reach. Is it possible?

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MintBerryCrunch2585d ago

the system will continue to be well supported by Sony if or when their new system gets announced and released. So 50 million units wouldn't be unrealistic, it will just take time.

dark-hollow2585d ago

I think after 5 years of the console life, I doubt there will be a huge jump in sales that nearly double the amount sold in it 5 past years.

Especially when the next ps is introduced.

The ps2 didn't jump from 50 to 150 million after the ps3 release.
It had great sales all through it life time.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2584d ago

Sony can do it, they already had a pricedrop and im sure we'll see another drop in at least 2 years and more people will jump aboard. Yes maybe the Ps4 would have been announced by then but people that have not tried the system will do so at a cheaper price.
Sony supports Ps2 to this day, maybe not as much as they did before like early ps3 days but it still happens.

zinki332584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

@dark ,.. Well, there are a lot of us who still have a day 1 fat,..

I am really thinking to get a slim for a backup and because my fatty is getting a bit loud nowadays,..

I actually think it is very possible,.. PS2 really took off at 200,..

BrightFalls762584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

I think I am just burning out on this generation, possibly gaming all together. After Uncharted and Gears I might sell off the PS3 and 360 and give myself a breather for a year or two and see what PS4 and 720 look like.

All the discussion over sales, better graphics, exclusives makes me miss the days of owning a N64 and just getting the friend together for an all night marathon session of GoldenEye.

fooltheman2584d ago

no one is holding you to enjoy yourself...
I play with my brother , either online or next to each other.
You create those moments...

Undeadwolfy2584d ago

Wish I had a brother to create those moments :(

Micro_Sony2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Very interesting.

What I wonder is if majority the PS3 owners will stay with the PS3 for sometime after the PS4 is released.

The PS2 was beast at this and up to this day you still have many PS2 users who have not upgraded to the PS3.

My jump to the PS4 will depend on the price - if the PS4 cost between 300 to 400 then I will buy it day 1 but if the cost is between 500 to 600 then I will hold off and enjoy my PS3.

BrightFalls762584d ago

If anything this generation has taught me to wait at least a year if not more before jumping on the new console bandwagon. Hardware failure rates, lack-luster launch titles all for a high price point.

Wait a year, pick up games that you didn't play this generation for cheap.

Jocosta2584d ago

I agree, my days as an early adopter are over.

Micro_Sony2584d ago

As much as I try to resist from buying electronic goods that I really like at launch I always fall for the hype and end up breaking.

The PS3 power can be a double edge sword for Sony because if they release the PS4 at a high price and the PS3 is at $199 then many people will continue to game on the PS3 until the PS4 hits a sweet spot.

tiffac0082584d ago


That's always been the problem in the industry.

You have your base on the older and cheaper console when your releasing your newer and expensive console.

So its nothing new, its part of the business structure of the console market.

Mr-Dude2584d ago

At the moment i will say i will wait when the PS4 is out... but knowing myself i will buy it anywayz..

regardless the price

Agent_hitman2584d ago

Sony you can do it, just be optimistic, I'm with you

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