7 High-End Gaming Headsets Tested and Reviewed! Plus win yours

Gaming headsets have a bad rap amongst anyone who likes good quality audio. The knock is that headsets--those headphone/mic combos that are popular amongst PC gamers these days--either cost much more than a standard pair of headphones and a mic, sound much worse than a comparably-priced set of headphones, or a combination of the two. These days, headsets aren't just for PC gamers, either. Several of the headsets we tested will work with both PCs and consoles. So, what's the test? It's simple. I want to know if a gaming headset sound as good as a good pair of traditional headphones without costing an arm and a leg?

while searching on youtube i have found this video its an ex website that have moved to youtube and they are giving away a headset of choice.
they ask for a subscription and a comment on the video.a winner will be chosen from the first 100..

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danger-992641d ago

i remember their site wasnt so popular but they do giveaways i geuss thats why they moved to youtube..thanx for the great share m8