IGN - Hole in the Wall Review

IGN - If you love YouTube, you've probably seen the clips from the Japanese game show that tasks contestants with squeezing their bodies through shapes in a moving wall. That was fun, wasn't it? Then it arrived on American television in 2008 and I quickly lost interest. Three years later, I find myself posing in the IGN demo room as the unblinking eye of the Kinect sensor stares disapprovingly at my awkward attempts at contortion.

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Bigpappy2642d ago

I saw this posted a few time, but didn't pay attention to it. I had no idea this was another Kinect XBLA game. I don't know how to deal with Kinect reviews, so I have to try every one for myself.

If this game has online play, it could give it some legs. But, the concept itself does not excite me. I'll try it before I knock it though.

dark-hollow2642d ago

Is this a joke?

A game based on that game show?????

Bigpappy2642d ago

I have never seen the game show and have no interest in doing so. But since the game will have a FREE trail, I might as well try it for myself.

BrightFalls762642d ago

"Hole in the Wall"? Give me a heads up when they come out with "Glory Hole" Kinect. Come on, that was too easy ;p