Top 10 Things to Experience at PAX Prime 2011

From the feature article:

"It’s almost here! We’re just a day away from attending one of the biggest video game community events around, the Penny Arcade Expo. We’ll be jetting up to Seattle, Washington, setting up camp in an overcrowded hotel room and mingling with the locals and the video game zealots across three days of truly crazed gaming dementia. We can’t wait! Meanwhile, what the heck are we looking forward to? Tons in fact. Let’s count down the ten things we can’t wait to do when we arrive at PAX."

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UltimaEnder2665d ago

I'll be there tomorrow, and let you know how this list breaks down...

My vote is for the bonus choice!

LaurenKB1232665d ago

Halo 4 over anything Sony can offer us; I'll be there on Sunday!

alexcosborn2665d ago

Sounds great! Wish I was there!

Ulf2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Almost all of Microsoft's area was Kinect-related, with the exception of the Gears and Forza portions, which were a little smallish.

Gears was in MP, and honestly didn't look any better than previous games. I'm really hoping SP is tuned up a bit, and looks hot.

Halo had its own separate huge area, which was cool, but Gears deserved more, IMO.