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An Hour with Counter-Strike: GO

Kotaku: I've played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and can now say it's for me, too. (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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jdfoster  +   1468d ago
"On the PS3, players can use the game controller, the PlayStation Move motion controller or even a mouse and keyboard." "PS3, Mac and PC players will be match-made against each other, clumped by skill, regardless of input device or platform"


Is this what valve was on about when saying Sony should be rewarded?

Really looking forward to this! Can't wait to get my hands all over it! Will be very interesting to see what it's like and what it plays like on the ps3 with the move, mouse and duel shock! .... talk about mix and matching it up xD
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Pandamobile  +   1468d ago
"even a mouse and keyboard"

At least the console gamers will stand a chance now.
jdfoster  +   1468d ago
haha :) Cheeky! But yes I agree!

I'm really looking forward for this!
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AKA  +   1468d ago
no we will not...
you will have this game running at 120fps at a 1400p soo you will be way faster and have a better view, special with elite players like you that will be using 3 30'' monitor and will be able to see me evem from your a...

nooooo what i'm going to do.. i will get my ass kick by super players like you...
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StayStatic  +   1468d ago

No you won't lol , majority of good CS players use 720p ish or less resolutions and cap their FPS at lower than 120fps .

3 30" monitors LMAO =D good one :P
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Theo1130  +   1468d ago

If you get this game, I'm going to look specifically for you, so I can prove my point.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1468d ago
I may have to pick up a PS3 on the cheap.
trenso1  +   1467d ago
Can you explain how mouse and keyboard is better that a controller seriously? No sarcasim intended but i really want to know how is thay a mouse and keyboard is better when i fumble so much with a mouse and keyboard but excell with a controller. Is it something with lag time, reaction soeed, button configuration?
Pandamobile  +   1467d ago
A mouse has accuracy down to the pixel. Joysticks approximate linear movement.

In an FPS game, you want speed and accuracy, both of which are not strong-points of a controller. With a controller, you can only turn your player up to the maximum speed that you set it to. With a mouse, you can move your player as fast as your hand can move; there's no maximum speed (technically there is, but it's not something that you'll encounter).

There's other issues like you said, controller lag if you're using a wireless one, you may have a 30-60 ms delay.

Buttons are also a problem. On a PS3 controller you're stuck with like 16 buttons, max. Then you run into the problem with simplification. The first Crysis had like 30 key functions, Crysis 2, because it was designed with consoles/controllers in mind, the key functions were almost cut in half.
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trenso1  +   1467d ago
Thsnks for clearing that up for me i just thought pc elitist were just saying its better just because. Now i now.
Septic  +   1468d ago
Now this is interesting. Might get this on PS3 even though I have CS Source.
-Mezzo-  +   1468d ago
You mean i can just hook-up any USB Mouse & Keyboard to PS3 and Play.

If So, i believe Cross Platform Play between PS3 & PC should also be there.

Edit ---- WHAT!!!! I just read the whole thing and it's confirmed. ("PS3, Mac and PC players will be match-made against each other, clumped by skill, regardless of input device or platform.")
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nikrel  +   1468d ago
Like a Boss.
Farsendor1  +   1468d ago
think devs forget that ps3 supports just about all usb keyboards and mice

i look forward to going against some of you ps3 guys.
Awesome-Xanto  +   1468d ago
Time to take down some PC players. :P

All kidding aside, I'm even more excited to get this on my PS3 now... may even go get a wireless mouse and keyboard just for this.
FlameBaitGod  +   1468d ago
wireless for gaming = poo (mouse and keyboard that is)
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Awesome-Xanto  +   1468d ago
Hmmm... when I use to do more PC gaming, I never really had any issues with using wireless for gaming.
Cosmit  +   1468d ago
I absolutely loved playing CS 1.6 on my 7+ year old Emachines(LOL)
Couldn't even run the game on 50FPS on lowest settings lol. I honestly was pretty good at it. Using sound and everything. Too bad I stopped playing it. Now I have a way better PC, about a month or so old, and suck with a keyboard and mouse! Lol. Looking forward to getting this and playing on PC against my friends and cousins on PS3 and raping them xD. Lol. Even if they get Keyboard and Mouse support.
JsonHenry  +   1468d ago
THIS is the sort of thing that Sony should have been exploiting the whole time and holding over MS's head.
CaptCalvin  +   1468d ago
So we're getting this instead of HL3? or even HL:Episode 3??
neonlight45  +   1468d ago
Give them time, you don't rush perfection.
CaptCalvin  +   1468d ago
True. But when it comes out, it better hit me twice as hard as HL2 did in 2004 waiting this long for it lol.
newn4gguy  +   1468d ago
Thank. You. Valve.
Agent_hitman  +   1468d ago
Thank you gabe newell for loving ps3 fans... We owe you a lot
DiLeCtioN  +   1468d ago
I think a cheeseburger will be enough..sorry couldn't help it :/
PCE  +   1468d ago
That is good Valve is allowing you console gamers to use M+K setup. This is something other developers really should consider.
dkgshiz  +   1468d ago
Honestly surprised how little games use cross platform game play. You think it would be way more popular. I can't imagine how hard it could be to set up an operation like this. Looks as though the 360 version is basically left in the dust. Honestly seems pointless to even make it for the 360 if you are not even going to include some very hefty features like cross platform playability. Its honestly probably its biggest selling point.
akaFullMetal  +   1468d ago
Ps3 mouse and keyboard, that's awesome, more developer should do that. The only game I can think that also does it is unreal tournament 3.
ninjagoat  +   1468d ago
Should have been done along tiome ago if your doing cross platform you even the playing field and what better way than keyboard and mouse support well done valve and goodluck ps3 players ;) I have a ps3 myself but i play my css on PC :) Damn i can't wait for this.

But this is what comes from what ps3 and valve did together and its proof MS has to start losening the rains if this had have been early doors in the console wars this would have been a major thing this imo. As it stands it will still be a big draw for players to PS3.
TABSF  +   1468d ago
Across all gaming only valve could really offer this.

PC, Mac and PS3 gamers will have option of epic game battles but also have the Steam overlay to talk with their buddies crossplatform.

Valve man, just innovators.

Steam its only does everything!
Bladesfist  +   1468d ago
Their inventors too, they created valve time
TheCampfireSong  +   1468d ago
I love Valve, i wish i can hug Gabe.
cozmo195  +   1468d ago
I hope we get PC version free if you buy PS3 version again
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