Biggest threat to the 3DS and PlayStation Vita? Your smartphone

ARS - Nintendo fired the first shot in the latest war over portable handhelds with its 3DS, but things are not going well for the company that used to comfortably own the portable market. Sales of the hardware is slower than expected, games are being held back until more gamers exist to buy them, and Nintendo was forced to radically slash the price in an attempt to drum up consumer interest. Nintendo is facing many challenges these days, but it's not just competing with its own past systems and the upcoming Sony Vita—its largest competitor may be your smartphone.

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iamnsuperman2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

This article is right. Mobile gaming going on the cheep (for the actual games) is causing a problem. The average consumer doesn't see why they need a dedicated mobile gaming machine when so much can be taken with them and phone are vital. I am one of them. My Iphone goes everywhere with me because it does much more than just game. One killer app the vita could have is if the do what the Wii U is suppose to do. There are also games on these phones that well are not actually that bad. I would go as far as say fantastic. I have got my PS3 with its £40 games at home why am I going to buy at £20-30 game for a portable game.

seinfan2638d ago

I don't game simply because I have nothing else to do. It's not a last resort for entertainment. Developers know that in the market for smart phones, nongamers are the bulk of the audience, so minimal effort is put into games that are designed for a phone. It's not going to kill handhelds. Sorry.

Xof2638d ago

This is very true. Handheld consoles basically exist so that people can play games in brief intervals while "on the go." that market has basically been completely supplanted by mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Basically, the handheld console no longer has a "reason" to exist.

If you look at the handheld consoles as they exist today, they exist almost entirely as a vehicle for low-budget games, simply because home consoles are so expensive to develop for. Most of the PSP and DS' "top-tier" games, for example, are long, involving RPGs that do not lend themselves well to playing in small, sporadic bursts. The 3DS and Vita libraries are similar, heavily emphasizing ports/re-versions of home console games.

Of course, most people here are (casual) gamers, and therefore incapable of examining the very real changes the industry has gone through over the past decade objectively, so it's a difficult point to get across here.

life doomer2638d ago

stop with this bullshit, it's annoying. any person with a brain knows that smartphones can not compete with dedicated handheld consoles due to the fact that smartphones are not DEDICATED to gaming, and besides you can not get gaming experiences on a smartphone like uncharted or games like mario kart 7 for that matter of fact. Use common sense people, portable handhelds are not going to be gone anytime soon.

Trunkz Jr2638d ago

Indeed! Smart phone is not a gaming device, doesn't even use analog or anything it just happens to be a phone that can play some small games, you can't compare to what something a 3DS or Vita could do, I mean you'll never see Pokemon (insert color) on a smart phone.

WillGuitarGuy2638d ago

Exactly what I was thinking.

sneekstream2638d ago

So smart it should no longer have phone in its title and be more specific suitable name would be WOW device lol with my WOW i can:

Watch HD movies
Browse the internet
Stay connected with social networks any where i am
Play games with graphics that rival the 3DS
Take excellent pictures in HD
USE MY WOW as a Sat Nav
Use My WOW as an MP3 player
Display Pictures On my brilliant Display

If you thought that was great dude i can download apps.

Whats apps?

well if you thought my WOW was doing to much already things got even more WOW!

Dude what the hell your computer mouse is moving its own and typing freaky messages!!!

Relax Im controlling it with my WOW




Oh ye did i mention i can make phone calls...

DA_SHREDDER2638d ago

Had the Vita been a real cellphone, it might have stood a chance at taking some market share. But it is what it is. A toy.

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