In defense of the boss battles of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

ARS - Deus Ex: Human Revolution may be one of the best-reviewed games of the year, enjoying almost universal acclaim. The game does a wonderful job of reminding us why we loved Deus Ex, while updating both the graphics and the mechanics of the original. There is one sticking point that seems to be annoying some critics, however: the forced battles that take place when you encounter a boss character.

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clank5432637d ago

Interesting article. I just got done with the third boss in the game. The boss battles are pretty easy; you just have to play smart. I've been playing the game mostly stealthy with the Tranq Rifle, but I always have my silenced combat rifle, explosive ammo infused revolver, and giant heavy machine gun in case things get hairy. Even though I don't really end up using them except for boss battles, it's like a safety blanket.

I hear a lot of people complaining about the boss battles, and while they are DEFINITELY the weakest point in the game, I don't think they detract from the rest of the package. It just keeps the game at an 8.5-9.0 instead of a 9.0-9.5 for me.

josephps32637d ago

Well said clank543, I totally agree. The Boss fights could have been better designed but it certainly doesn't ruin the game. I was worried at first reading some of the reviewer's criticsm regarding this but after fighting my first 2 boss fights I didn't it was such a big deal.

I knew about this issue beforehand so I was prepared but after playing it even if I didn't know the game gives you plenty of weapons to pick up leading up to the boss so you're adequately prepared.

Even if you are stealth/hack heavy, you should be picking up some lethal weapons along the way for just-in-case encounters.

This game is definitely a 9.0 for me. I can see myself coming back and playing it over and over again.

Neckbear2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

It depends on how you think about it, actually. Deus Ex was always about choice- one of those choices was to either spare a boss' life (for future help, or trouble), or if to just pull the trigger (which might make other characters aggresive towards you, to the point of hatred). Having the game force you kill the bosses, in one way or another, is rather off-putting for a game of its kind.

Surely, you're always prepared for them, but that's missing the point. The complaint goes due to the lack of personal choice- and consequences thus. The game -forces- you to kill these folk, in one way or another, and that's something Deus Ex isn't known for.

In short: the argument isn't against the boss fights themselves, it's about the lack of choice in them. Something many in the comment section don't get, it seems...

josephps32637d ago

Neckbear, you got me convinced lol

Your comment should be forwarded to all reviewers and especially EIDOS. You`re absolutely right. I think you made this issue as clear as it could be. No need to discuss it anymore. I hope Eidos is listening, especially to comments like yours, and their sequel is that much improved.

I sure hope there is a sequel. Overall, this game rocks. Just imagine how much better the sequel would be with :
1) Better boss fights
2) Shorter loading times
3) Better animation, lip syncing, graphics
4) Better AI
5) Fewer glitches.

Deus Ex-$30 Used in 3 months

As good as this game is, I suspect a lot of people will trade this in 2-3 months from now to get some of the other big blockbusters:
Batman, Rage, Dark Souls, Skyrim, Uncharted3, Battlefield3, MW3 etc. If you didn`t pick up Deus EX right now don`t worry cause you`ll get your copy for half the price we paid for it. You still get to play it and keep it (for half) but its just a 2-3 months release date delay for you.

I haven`t decided if I`ll keep it or not because of only 1 reason- I`m sure there will be a sequel that will improve on all of this and will be so much better. Will I go back and keep playing this one or the sequel. Probably the sequel.

Anybody wants to buy my copy of Deus in Oct. lol

JsonHenry2637d ago

I play all stealth too. But the only things I keep are a silenced pistol (with red dot, armor peircing, and capacity upgrades) revolver with explosive rounds and red dot sight, and a fully upgraded shotgun. I sell all the larger weapons. I thought the shotgun was going to come in handy for the boss fights. But so far all I need is the revolver. Hopefully I will get to use the shotgun though. I hate to think I wasted so many upgraded on it. I just picked up a laser rifle though, so I might sell the shotgun and use the laser rifle as a back up instead.

SITH2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I rather enjoyed the boss battles. I defeated the first with an EMP grenade and multiple pointblank shotgun shots to the face. Pretty easy on give me deus ex difficulty. This after he killed me twice before I figured out his exploitable vulnerability. I have no history with deus ex games beyond human revolution to know what I am missing. But I love what I got.

-------•*•SPOILER•*• --------

And after you beat the game... watch the entire credits to the very end. It will be worth it for you deus ex fans.

plmkoh2637d ago

Quite frankly all boss battles in any Deus Ex game sucked, so I wasn't disappointed that this game followed the same pedigree.

fluffydelusions2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Agreed. The boss battles are pretty easy especially if you have a good gun. I used a grenade launcher on the 2nd to last guy and destroyed him in a few hits within 5 seconds lol. That said, I'm not bothered by it because the rest of the game was so awesome.

Miths2637d ago

I haven't gotten to the first boss battle yet, but in general I've never been a fan of boss battles in most games (Mass Effect 2 is one of the only exceptions I can remember off the top of my head, and a few of those I didn't care for either).
They might prove a "nice" challenge and a break from the regular gameplay, but usually I just consider them annoyances that force me through extended stints of pattern memorizing and frantic running for cover. Too things I rarely consider entertaining.

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