Destructoid - Interview: Guild Wars 2 will be ready when it is ready

Destructoid - While Guild Wars 2 was announced at gamescom 2010, NCsoft and ArenaNet have spent this last 12 months perfecting the art of continuously releasing enough bits of information to keep fans desperately clinging to the edge of their chairs.

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ATi_Elite2668d ago

That's pretty much good news for everybody cause when Guild Wars 2 does come out it's game over for everybody else.

Guild Wars 2 vs. Star Wars The Old Republic is the real war that is brewing in the PC forums.

late 2011 or early 2012 is the projection as the game is nearly complete.....NCsoft may just be fine tuning their master piece as the team transitions over to working on their new RPG/MMO!

maawdawg2668d ago

I really hope they get this out for holiday launch this year. It looked amazing all the way back in March when I got to see it.

This is my most highly anticipated game release right now on PC.

ATi_Elite2667d ago

i'm not a big GW fan but the more i see of it the more i want it. It's too good to pass up at this point!

Drewminati2668d ago

take your time GW.. Starwars is coming out this year.. No need to bump heads..

ATi_Elite2667d ago

yeh so many AAA MMO's coming out I wonder how i'm gonna find time to play them all!

may have to quit my job and stop reading N4G to make!!

Shani2667d ago

Take your ArenaNet time... but hurry coz I wanna play it...

Farsendor12664d ago

didn't like the original guild wars much but guild wars 2 is shaping up to be an awesome game hope expansion after expansion comes out for it.