Have to Say, Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Loading Screens are a Total Drag

Kotaku - I like Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I like it a lot, even. I've written about the things I really dig and even made a video detailing some of them.

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gravemaker2642d ago

pc loading times are 10 seconds, so fast

kamakaz3md2641d ago

wow... you have to a complete moron to think the loading times are long. The game rarely loads and when it does its for under 20 seconds at the least. Theres so many games out there that have to load way longer and load everytime you enter a building. this game rarely ever loads. Are you high? seriously...

HelghastKid2641d ago

thats what im saying! ever since that dumb ign article, people are thinking the load times are sandwich making long when its not. I play the Ps3 (longest loading) version and it only loads when you enter a new place for the first time like L.I.M.B. Even if this game did take a while to load, its so amazing i wouldnt even care.

clarkjudo2641d ago

The loading time reminds me of Mass Effect 2. At least Deus Ex: HR had things you could read like a short story follow up. When you are starting again from the last time you played. And well, other times during the game, this gives a person an opportunity to take a short break and stretch a little bit or a refreshment refill after playing for hours (LOL). :)

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