TGH: Risen 2: Dark Waters Preview

TGH Writes: Risen 2 is set of not too long after where the original game finished off, and Titans are still a big part of the games storyline. After taking on a mission that requires the unnamed hero to be kicked out of the Inquisition and land on an island rife with pirates. Whilst hiding up your Inquisitor past the hero must set off in search of a rumoured ship that can sail the monster infested seas safely, and thus help take down the Titans.

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starfox_1182639d ago

Looks like a really good game, shaping up well there and some good writing on show too. Keep up the good stuff guys!

Kakkoii2639d ago

Risen 1 was great, and this looks to be keeping the same gameplay for the most part. So I would advise you to try it out first. It's a great free-roaming rpg/adventure game. With a good storyline and good gameplay mechanics.