Deus Ex-gate: GameStop will never see my money again

One consumer's viewpoint and a call to vote with your wallet.

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Caligula2644d ago

Such a silly idea.... Even if Onlive is a competitor, be a good sport and allow it in one of the, what, 10 games that utilize the concept?

GameStop is digging its own grave at this point.

Sadie21002644d ago

Took this person long enough to realize that GS isn't the way to go!

xtheownerzx2644d ago

I'm surprised at this lol would of thought most ppl wouldnt shop there.

choadley2644d ago

Did they consider telling customers that the code was for the OnLive techno club in Atlantic City before doing this?

illegalyouth2644d ago

I agree. How can I ever be certain again that my new-game purchases from GameStop aren't missing codes or coupons? Customer trust forever ruined.

SuperBeast8112644d ago

Just dont buy an opened "display box" game labled new thats how you will be certain they pulled that trick on me once..........ONCE

JeffGrubb2644d ago

Depriving customers of the best experience is the worst kind of corporate desperation.

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The story is too old to be commented.