Here's a First Look At An Upcoming Playstation Vita Title

Gaming Irresponsibly has the latest info on Drinkbox's upcoming Plastation Vita game Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

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Rushing_Punch2585d ago

So, we can expect to get PSN knockoffs?

agentxk2585d ago

It's not a knockoff, it takes place in the same universe as About a Blob

TheLastGuardian2585d ago

Would you look at that. Another interesting title announced for the PS Vita. The Vita is going to one hell of a software line-up. Lots of platformers too, I like that.

agentxk2585d ago

The first game was actually a ton of fun!

blumatt2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Yeah, I got Tales from Space: About a Blob for free from PS+. Pretty fun game. Platformers can be a lot of fun if done right and I liked the art style of the game too.

The Vita is literally a no-brainer day one buy from me, just based on all the support it's getting and the new social networking features like Party and Near. Such a great handheld. Full PSN integration will be awesome. It'll be nice to be able to message my friends that are on the PS3 while I'm on the go with the Vita.

CloseSecond2585d ago

All the years people spent moaning about the PSP only having a single analog and it seems the majority of release Vita titles will only need one.

Is true that the PSP never received its fair share of quality platformers.

MaxXAttaxX2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Probably because of the added touchscreen/pad input.

Bigger more robust games like Uncharted:GA and Resistance will make use of both analog sticks.

blackburn102585d ago

Keep the quirky titles coming. Malicious, Escape Plan, Lil Deviants, Mad Blocks HD, Gravity Daze, Sound Shapes, Smart As. Draw us in with the fun.

josephayal2584d ago

Nothing can stop the Vita

MasterCornholio2584d ago

Sony wasnt lying when they said that the Vita would have a ton of great games to play. Day one for me.

tarbis2584d ago

Aye, it will also be the day my wallet go kaput X_X

Jihaad_cpt2584d ago

wallets everywhere will cry in fear

tiffac0082584d ago

This is going to so hurt my wallet. lol!