Meet the Summons in FF Type-0!

Ifreet, Golem, Odin, Shiva and a battle video showing the Phantoma system.

These new Final Fantasy Type-0 gameplay clips show off some major self sacrifice as the characters off themselves to bring out summons Ifreet, Golem, Odin a Shiva into battle. I think you'll agree, it's totally worth it!

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mr_epsym_knird2608d ago

Is it okay to put a Vita tag on this news? After all if the game gets a digital release for PSN, it is automatically a part of Vita family, right? =-P

bobbyluv2607d ago

they fixed the phatoma issue

HeavenlySnipes2606d ago

Unless I did something wrong, why is it that you die if you make a summon?

pythonxz2606d ago

This has to be the best visuals I've seen on the PSP.

zero_cool2606d ago

Why dose the character pass out like an old lady & is this coming out for vita as well since this was listed under vita news?