G4- Fall 2011 First-Person Shooters In Depth

Adam and Morgan discuss further our list of The Big Ones: First-Person Shooters Fall 2011, revealing their expectations for titles like RAGE, Resistance 3, Battlefield 3, and more.

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BrightFalls762643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

I know there are some beautiful looking FPS games coming out but I gotta' say, I don't think I'll be picking up one more FPS this generation. I'm burnt out.

Red Dead Redemption, La Noire, Uncharted, Alan Wake have really become my favorites this generation. I hope to see more developers putting together some high quality third-person titles.

AntoineDcoolette2643d ago

I don't think I'll pick up another third person game this generation.... I'm all burnt out.

Nah for real though if a game is high quality and high caliber I'll at least try to make time to give it a rent.

Besides a lot of FPS coming out now are more than just shooters. Deus Ex 3 for example is more like a first person stealth game with an RPG twist although if a situation gets a little too sticky to just sneak around you can go in guns blazing. And RAGE? Oh boy that open world FPS is looking quite promising!

brew2643d ago

Resistance 3 and Rage will be mine.