Can Onlive Benefit from the Deus Ex/Gamestop Controversy?

So what does this mean for OnLive? Well, in the short term, they are at least granted a significant amount of customer goodwill. Being the victims of big bad Gamestop is likely to solidify gamer support around OnLive for now. It’s likely more people now know of the OnLive coupon than ever would have before Gamestop’s actions were leaked. If OnLive can take advantage of this and offer a clear benefit to gamers while they have media attention, this could all turn around in their favor.

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Brownghost2639d ago

this is pretty stupid gamestop are just jealous because they think impulse is so cool really? Its not worth anything to me

romancer2637d ago

I knew next to nothing about OnLive until my attention was drawn to its existence by Gamestop.

I checked out the website ( and was amazed by the sophisticated service being offered, at very reasonable prices.

On Sept 30th there is a special Deus Ex; Human Revolution gaming event, the winners get a 3-day trip to Montreal to meet the game's designers -- there is obviously a sincere bond between OnLive and Eidos.

There are a variety of ways to play games through OnLive -- either through a Mac or PC computer with HDMI hookup to a high definition TV, or through their own console ($99 including one wireless controller) connected to a TV.

This weekend there is a Borderlands marathon gaming event (cost $5.99, for 5 days)) --- plenty of things to do. You don't download a game, you play it through streaming from a Cloud. You can talk to other players, even non-playing friends who may just be watching...

OnLive, in my view, offers a glimpse of the future of video games for many of us.

I signed up -- and am going to give it a try. Thanks, again, Gamestop -- you introduced me to an eye-opening new experience in playing my favorite games.
No wonder you wanted to keep it all a secret by removing coupons from the PC versions of Deus Ex! But truth will out....