OXCGN’s Child Of Eden ‘Posthumous’ Review: Synaesthetic Hypnosis


"Widely recognised as the Kinect game that all ‘core’ gamers were waiting for, Child Of Eden didn’t quite live up to Ubisoft’s sales expectations.

The bonus of writing a posthumous review is that commercial success and critical observations have already played out. Child Of Eden was received very well, but it didn’t exactly fly off the shelves.

Child Of Eden promised to be a successor to Rez, with even greater depth; a divine orchestration of music and movement. So what went wrong?"

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gaminoz2644d ago

It looked like a unique game, yet either core gamers don't have Kinect, or maybe they buy the same as non-core- the Modern Warfares etc?

Is this game too different?

It's good to see publishers try anyway.

Bigpappy2644d ago

I think the $50 price is a huge factor. The game is as much a controller game as it is a Kinect game. So we can't blaim the lack of sales on the fact that core gamers have not fully adopted Kinect.

Yes it is a very different type of game. If they put this on XBLA for 29.99 with a demo, sales will tripple in the first week.

BadCircuit2644d ago

Rez did okay, so its sad this one didn't

XboxOZ3602644d ago

Those that call themselves 'Core Gamers' or even 'Gamers' these days, if that's what they want to call themselves, are far from actually being 'real gamers'.

If they were, they'd welcome new IP's, new innovation and developers wanting to step outside the box (irrespective of platform) and try something different that the rest of the sheep making FPS or so-called RPG's and wantabe action games.

When I question gamers of different age groups, it definitely falls into distinct age brackets where 'certain' gamers (cough cough) are totally unwilling to accept that 'games' outside of titles like COD, MoH, etc etc, are games or any substance.

Whereas gamers, usually older ones (or should I say more 'mature gamers' as there's many a younger gamer who acts more mature than some 'older gamers' do, and visa-versa) are actually willing to 'try something new, and play it through, rather than pop it in the tray and give it 20 mins and ditch it, or worse, don't even try it, and bag the living daylights out of it.

It's like saying, "I don't like apples, when you've never had one" etc.

If we follow the path we're currently on, ie; following the demands of illiterate gamers, then we'll have no one to blame when all we get it cookie-cutter repeats year in year out.

Godem2644d ago

Looks interesting, but im preparing for the wave of November games now.

Venox20082643d ago

one of the best this year's games for me..