Halo Anniversary: ​​The remake supports 3D!

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will hold a stunning 3D mode. This Next-Gamer learned at a Microsoft presentation at gamescom.

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Paradicia2608d ago

Great news for those with 3D tvs :)

darthv722608d ago

if they support anaglyph then any tv can be a 3d tv.

The effect was pretty good in batman AA.

IHateYouFanboys2608d ago

they dont though, as the article says. 3DTV only.

ive been told by many people on this site that the 360 cant do 3D though...... what is this sorcery?

HappyTrigger2608d ago


You should check out this article from Digital Foundry:

All in all, doing 3D is hard on the 360 because of it's dated HDMI 1.2 spec and it's limited 10MB of eDRAM. Can't really lay out the exact details. Sorry... lol.

jetlian2608d ago

3d its just not using HDMI 1.4 standard. All 3d is is 2 slightly different images. The article was saying how games will lower the res to make 3d work.

Just like some people think anything under 720 isn't HD. HD specs were just made up. So long as you have 2 images you can produce 3d

HappyTrigger2607d ago


Ah, thanks for clearing that up! Have a bubble!


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BrightFalls762608d ago

Pleaase everybody, stop the 3D garbage, ughhhhhhhh!

kaveti66162608d ago

Look on the bright side.

The manufacturers are pushing 3DTVs so the price of regular HDTVs have gone down dramatically.

With 2000 bucks you can buy approximately ten 20 inch Vizio 720p televisions.

Or four 40 inch Vizio 1080p televisions.

Unicron2607d ago

Seriously... I spent $2000 on a 52 samsung two years ago. Now I can get a 60 inch samsung for $1800... it's wild!

TheDivine2607d ago

You can also buy a 200 dollar device that turns ANY hdtv or projector into a 3dtv/projector. 3d is cheap now with a 47in 3dtv only around 800 and a hd 3d projector around 500.

Yea 360 has had 3d for a few years. Sony just marketed 3d and the fanboys did the rest lol.

nycredude2607d ago

3 people who can't afford or is too cheap to buy a 3dtv.

Only people who hate on it are people who don't have it.

TyrionL2607d ago

While I don't "hate" it, I can't watch it. I am one of those unlucky ones that gets a headache after a few minutes. I wanted a 3D TV and was out to get one. I tried it out a few times hoping each time that it wouldn't have the same effect, but it did. Unfortunately I have no use for one. I CAN afford, and would have bought one if it didn’t get said side effects . So I have no interest in 3D at all anymore, and not because I’m “cheap”, or “don’t have one”. So your comment is “wrong”, and that is why you shouldn’t make those arrogant generalized comments. It just makes you look like the douche bag you are. (Of course I didn’t come to that conclusion by this comment alone. A quick look at your comment history was more than enough to make that determination)

hard joe2608d ago

huh? xbox 360 supports 3d?

no_more_heroes2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Crysis 2 says hello.

iamgoatman2607d ago

Don't believe everything you read, especially on N4G. Also as a rule of thumb, mark any comment that claims something to be "FACT" as complete and utter nonsense.


earbus2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Yeah wow that 3d really took off lmao.

railling2607d ago

This news is 100 % true.