Research: Game Consoles Most Popular For Streaming Netflix

"The most popular method of streaming Netflix content is through a video game console, says a new survey by ABI Research, which also finds console owners spend seven to eight hours a week watching online video with their devices." writes GamaSutra.

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Godmars2902642d ago

I'm sorry, but what does international online console use have to do with Netflix which is US and Canada only?

After mentioning Netflix the article just derails.

RememberThe3572640d ago

Haha yeah the rest of it just seems like irrelevant filler.

BrightFalls762640d ago

Microsoft is reaching a point where it's just pointLESS to include something like Netflix under the Gold Membership.

I had a Gold account a few years back but I found I'm really not an online fan to begin with. Having a PS3 and 360 then it is great to stream Netflix on PS3, why would I pay extra?

As long as I have the ability to get my DLC, system updates and add-ons then I don't see the point, even at $5 a month to pay for Xbox Live. Again, if you love online gaming then it would make sense.

bozebo2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

No, it never makes sense.

Charging for XBL is charging people to use their own internet connections that they have already paid for.

The multiplayer bandwidth is peer to peer in about 99.999% of 360 games, hence MS are just getting free money - and they don't pay for the few games that do have dedicated servers anyway (the developers/publishers do)

MS only have to run servers that are comparitable to the servers that Sony run anyway, and that many companies around the world run for free to support all sorts of software and hardware (the costs come out of the gross profit from the product sales).

If somebody loved online gaming then they would never, ever support such a scam - doing so just puts down their vote that the world will tolerate more idiotic systems just like it.

bozebo2640d ago

Seems like a good use for something plugged into your TV tbh.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32640d ago

Spearheaded by none other than MS...

NoobSessions2640d ago

I always see at least one or two people on netflix on my BL...

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