PS Uni: The n00b's Review to Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition

PS Uni writes: "Starting with EVO, I heard about Street Fighter III: Third Strike being ported to PSN, and with my recent addiction to the fighting genre I figured I would check it out. I had never experienced the game when it was new, so this would be perfect. I was warned by other fighting game fans that the game wasn’t exactly forgiving of newcomers or as easy to pick-up-and-play as Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is. So that’s why I decided to review the game from a beginner’s viewpoint, hopefully to enlighten other casual fighting game fans on whether or not this is a game that they would enjoy."

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Robotronfiend2666d ago

It's fun and there's a lot to like about the GGPO. The article is right, this is tough to pick up. I never played the 3 series, but I played all the others. Shame Gief isn't in this one, I have to learn someone new. I was thinking maybe Oro, Q, 12, or urien. My execution is poor so I'll probably use whoever is least combo-reliant.

Tito082666d ago

Thing with this game compared to the others is that it's more a competitive game so it requires to be very good in order to have wins, that is why I love King of Fighters, I love Alex in this game, I think you should give Alex, Remi, Hugo and Urien a try, most of the characters are very good, butI like playing with those besides others!!!!