A Brief History of the Call Of Duty Franchise

TheInkandpen "We look at how the Call of Duty franchise progressed from a well received FPS to the sales-reaping giant we all know, all written in small, bite-sized paragraphs."

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BladedTech2642d ago

Why so many games? I think i'm gonna go play Fallout 3....

shooter7472642d ago

Any following BF fanboy anti-COD comment is ONE BIG HYP0CRITE.

cr33ping_death2642d ago

you policing the internet now????

Cpt_kitten2642d ago

original cod - awesome
cod 2 - awesome
big red one - awesome
cod3 - horrid
cod4 - great
everything else - broken crappy joke on gaming

NuclearDuke2642d ago

Original cod - Sold mediocre
Cod 2 - sold mediocre
cod 3 - sold terribly
cod 4 - sold positive amounts
cod 5 - sold nearly as well as cod4
cod 6 - #2 most sold FPS ever (and game ever)
cod 7 - #1 most sold FPS ever (and game ever)

You may not have enjoyed the recent releases, but I liked MW2 a hella lot, even though they cut their own balls by not allowing dedicated servers for it.

Cpt_kitten2642d ago

they may have sold well, but sales do not justify if its a good game or not

you are very close minded if you think that

NuclearDuke2642d ago

When your games sells atleast 15 million more copies than the next competitor, obviously - your game is better.

Battlefield got it's niches, but more people like and enjoy what call of duty has to offer. This year, we will see if MW3 can pull the same numbers, even two new studios working on the title along with Infinity Ward.

banjadude2642d ago

I'll never forget the first Call of Duty for PC. Oh my Lord, that game was amazing! I still think the machine gun sound effect for that game blows away any related sound effect in today's games.

bumnut2642d ago

The first game was amazing, I loved United Offensive too. Not into all the zombie mode garbage the game offers these days though.

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