What the Starcraft?

StarCraft II is the megahit of the RTS genre. In fact, you could even say it's "the WoW of RTS games." But the fact that even StarCraft II is adopting a free-to-play entry model means there is something to it. Is this the new wave for the RTS?

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ATi_Elite2607d ago

1. Some consider it the greatest RTS game series ever!
2. The national sport of South Korea
3. The most watched video game ever
4. Blizzard's other cash cow
5. A game that i suck at but it's really fun to play

malol2607d ago

they freakin nurfed infestors !!!!!
the hell blizzard ?? the heeeeeeelllllllll ???

Baka-akaB2607d ago

"you could even say it's "the WoW of RTS games.""

Please never ever say that