Five years on, what has the Wii's revolution REALLY changed?

So the era of the Wii, and with it the first wave of Nintendo's glorious gaming revolution, is drawing to a close. After overnight world-domination and five years of hardware sales so big they'd send the Moon running to the gym to bulk up, this generation's first motion-control heavyweight now finds retirement beckoning as a successor bites at its ankles in the form of the still slightly confusing Wii U.

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LOGICWINS2642d ago

Gaming has become MUCH more popular since the Wii arrived.

Peaceful_Jelly2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

between non-gamers yes but now let's see how many of them will buy a Wii U... The PS2 was the console that really made gaming mainstream and the one has sold the most too.

In my opinion the Wii ran a really long wave of novelty, hype and confusion. Most long time gamers barely even use it anymore.

LOGICWINS2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

"but now let's see how many of them will buy a Wii U"

What does that have to do with anything?

"The PS2 was the console that really made gaming mainstream and the one has sold the most too."

Wasn't the DS the console that made gaming mainstream? It's the best selling console of this generation..beating out the PS2 saleswise.

"Most long time gamers barely even use it anymore."

I wasn't aware that you knew the majority of people that owned a Wii(at least 43 million people) since thats the only way you could possibly know what they are doing with their Wii.

Godmars2902642d ago

The Gameboy made handhelds popular while the PS brand took gaming mainstream. All of the GB's iterations, the PS1 and PS2, all broke 100 million long before the DS was ever made.

As to the Wii's "success" just look at the number and types of games coming out for it vs those for the PS3 and 360. Its a pretty obvious guess.

LOGICWINS2642d ago

"The Gameboy made handhelds popular while the PS brand took gaming mainstream."

The DS sold more than PS1.
The DS sold more than PS2

Hence, the DS did more to make gaming mainstream than either the PS1 or PS2. Why are we neglecting common sense here? If a certain console is in more homes than another console..then it did more to make gaming mainstream than the opposing console.

death2smoochie2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

"In my opinion the Wii ran a really long wave of novelty, hype and confusion. Most long time gamers barely even use it anymore."

And that is the crux of the situation...
Many members on N4G.COM believe that this site represents the majority of the gaming world, when in fact sites like these represent less than 1% of the gaming populous.
So when you say no one plays the Wii console...are you referring to the extremely small demographic makeup of N4G.COM and other related sites OR the entire userbase of the Wii...and then based on what data?
Boy you have to love N4G.COM...
The only site that members believe represent the majority of gamers world-wide...

postofficebuddy2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

The DS hasn't outsold the PS2.

Total DS shipments as of end of quarter 2: 147.86 million

Total PS2 shipments as of end of Q2: 152.3 million

DS might not even necessarily pass the PS2. PS2 only shipped 40k less than the DS last quarter and DS is seeing massive year on year declines now that the 3DS is out. And with the price cut bringing the 3DS to the same price as the DSiXL those declines will speed up even more now.

Godmars2902642d ago

And where is the Gameboy in your logic? I mean that there literally wouldn't be a DS if not for the Gameboy which has been around since the SNES?

The Gameboy took handhelds while the PS brand controlled home consoles as gaming become mainstream. And yet for someone who's talking about the application of common sense, you're refusing to use any.

darthv722642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

its a generational thing. Some (as old as me) would say the 2600 is what got them into gaming. Then you have the NES and genesis/snes and then you have some that came in at the PS1 era and so on and so on.

The popularity of the ps2 came at a time when you had more mature gamers that transitioned from the earlier systems and the parents that bought the latest and greatest to shut their kids up. You didnt have the overwhelming explosion of adults and grandparents and casuals buying up the PS2 like you did the wii.

What has the wii contributed to gaming and really changed...? The stigma that gaming is out of reach even for the simple of players. It brought back the basic nature of fun and entertainment and making it available to anyone from 8 to 80 (more or less). I have seen people older than me that can get into a game with the wiimote and are stuck trying to figure out what buttons do what on a ps3/360 controller.

What nintendo also did was make the competition move up their scheduled plans for motion gaming by about 2-3 years. No doubt sony and ms had been working on similar projects but nintendo came out to market with theirs first. From that point it didnt matter if the next one was super duper. The attention was all on the wii and the "tickle me elmo" craze was on.

As far as the wii-u...I dont see a return on investment from existing wii owners. They bought the wii and will look at the wii-u with a ??? saying they already have a wii. Why get a wii-u. Wii-u is for the ones that panned the wii...the core if you will.

Now if they shun the system like they did the wii then nintendo will slump back further than they have gained. Opening up the position for the likes of sony and/or MS. OR perhaps there will be a return from an old friend that people feel is the right time to come out of retirement (wishful thinking).

oh and without the gameboy there would be no ds. So one set the tone and the other took the ball and ran with it.

Elvfam5112642d ago

I never knew the DS was a console I thought it was a portable....

SilentNegotiator2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

"Wasn't the DS the console that made gaming mainstream? It's the best selling console of this generation..beating out the PS2 saleswise"

It hasn't outsold the ps2 yet, and its successor is out. It's right behind it, but that isn't outselling it, is it?

For someone named "Logicwins", you sure don't use a lot of logic, but instead outright lies.

Knushwood Butt2642d ago

'As of December 31, 2010, all Nintendo DS models combined have sold 144.59 million units, making it the best selling handheld game console to date, and second best selling video game console overall, behind the PlayStation 2.'.


SilentNegotiator2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

@Knushwood Butt

And the last Ps2 count was over 150 million.

Let me tell you a shocking little fact...
Wikipedia isn't always accurate or up to date.


Knushwood Butt2642d ago

@ Silent

Maybe you should re-write the Wiki articles then with all of your exclusive new-found facts...

Or maybe just face facts that the PS2 has sold more.

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subtenko2642d ago

Its changed nothing but make a different way of play a game to a lot of people, and bringing in more people to gaming. (like a bunch of old people who liked it because their grandkids had one).

Agree or Disagree if you Agree


@ logicwins ur logic in that comment dose not win.

Death2642d ago

The PS2 took gaming mainstream?

This just shows that people perceive advancements based on their personal experience without looking at history. The original Pong console brought gaming to the people. The Atari 2600 really made gaming popular with the mainstream. Then Nintendo finally took gaming to the masses with the NES. The system that really cracked the mainstream was the SNES with it's 16 bit ultra realistic graphics. Maybe it was the original Playstation in '95 which ultimately seen sales of 100+ million. Had to have been the PS2 which sold around 150 million globally. Maybe the Wii which has been the sales leader for 5 years now?

Every hardware generations sales leader is credited with bringing gaming to the masses. The truth is the winners and the losers combined sales are what make gaming more popular every year. Developers and publishers also get credit forceeating more immersive games and more accessible games too. Their innovations help drive the industry. Healthy competition creates new approaches in the way we play games, who we play with and by adding value to our consoles with DVD and Blu-ray players.


PCE2642d ago

Why are people disagreeing with you? Because you stated fact? Are people on this site really immune to logic? I am new here.

sich922642d ago

The Wii revolution: they added a "U" now

Xof2642d ago

Very true. But that's also partially due to the success of the 360, for the same reason--both consoles greatly widened the casual demographic.

As for what the Wii "revolution" has changed for the industry... it's simple: motion control. Motion control everywhere.

One could also argue that the emphasis on low-tech hardware and the success of that approach has enabled both Sony and MS (more the former than the latter) to feel comfortable letting their consoles live to a ripe old age, instead of rushing newer, better hardware to market.

Though, correct me if I'm wrong, I believe Sony established their "10 year plan" (or whatever it's called) for the PS3 before the Wii's rampant success became apparent.

BubbleSniper2641d ago

DS didnt make gaming mainstream dude. the PS2 was the first console to ever reach a n astounding 150 million. before any Nintendo system. and believe me I adore the Gamecube and below. I EVEN own a Virtual boy...

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Pikajew2642d ago

Show you don't need HD graphics to have a great looking game

pixelsword2642d ago

Nothing that I've seen, just accelerated plans already in action (Move + Kinect)

blumatt2642d ago

Yeah, it's funny that people don't acknowledge the fact that Sony was working on the Move all the way back on the PS2. They just didn't finish developing it until after the PS3 came out.

MilkMan2642d ago

Is this article for real?

Bathyj2642d ago

It made Non Gamers more important to gaming companies than gamers, except for one.

And after 30 years of gaming, growing up on first Game&Watch, then Nes, SNES and so on, it finally made Nintendo irrelevant to me.

Sorry, but to me, the Wii is the worst console of all time.

(Not counting stuff like 3DO's and Jaguars which didnt even get world wide releases, but at least they didnt cause the damage the Wii has.)

And before you get all cranky cos you missed your afternoon nap, its just MY opinion.

Skateboard2642d ago

Sorry bro, i can't agree with you. When it has a game like this

It can't be the worst console ever made. Nintendo is the worst company don't blame it on the Wii.

bangoskank2642d ago

"Nintendo is the worst company don't blame it on the Wii."

You act as if the Wii created itself.

I actually just got back into the Metroid Prime series and am more immersed in "Metroid Prime:Trilogy" than I have been in a while with any other game on PS3 or 360 consoles. Not only Metroid but other Nintendo games such as Mario and Zelda have an undeniable charm that withstand time. I love Nintendo and have since I was in my single digits. I just can't stand how Nintendo of America refuses to localize two excellent looking games("Last Story" and "Xenoblade". I have feeling they will end up on Wii U.

blumatt2642d ago

Wow!!! That game looks awesome. I would so buy that if it was on PS3. Damn. I miss playing RPGs. I might go out and buy FF 13 sometime since it's probably cheap now. FF 8 was my only RPG I ever played, but I had a tons of fun with it a long time ago. I'm ready to get back into them again.

Knushwood Butt2642d ago

@ bang

Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 are Gamecube games...

bangoskank2642d ago

@Knushwood Butt

They come in the Trilogy collection with Wii controls and slightly updated visuals.

Skateboard2642d ago

Xenoblade is everything that FF series wish it could be. The game is Final Fantasy 12 times ten, All Nintendo needs to do is localize it and i'm getting a Wii.

Knushwood Butt2642d ago

They are still Gamecube games.

I beat them both on the Gamecube.

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Bathyj2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Yeah, I'm not saying the arent any good games, but on Nintendo consoles they always seemed to be drip fed to us.

This gen, it just seemed once they had a hit on their hands, the gamers didnt matter, their mums and Grand mums mattered more.

I know if I'd stuck with the Wii, I'd probably have a dozen great games on it, but by the time that happened, I'd lost interest when the other consoles were delivering from the get go.

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