Madden 12 Arrives Early With Season Ticket

Madden NFL 12 will be available earlier than first advertised with the 'Season Ticket' subscription plan. Now it will arrive on the 360 at 10am ET and PS3 at 6PM ET tomorrow (Friday 8/26). It will be immediately playable after being downloaded. Previously the program advertised that it would not be playable until midnight.

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Pwnage2u2608d ago

I rather have a physical copy of a game.

marioPSUC2608d ago

The thing about this is, you get to download the full game several days early, but on Tuesday when it comes out, the game get deleted and you have to buy the game for $60 to play it.

I think its a neat thing to do, for people that play alot of EA sport games, but they should really give you a discount on the game if you purchased this Season pass thing

Les-Grossman2608d ago

That big download is a waste since you only keep it for three days. Not worth the time or money. Especially since you have to essentially buy it again. I can wait the extra week

jukins2608d ago

madden sucks anyway. I was actually enjoying it until i seen jay cutler get out of a sack then blast through AND injure an 300+ lb OL

ShadowKingx2608d ago

yeah if they did like 2 weeks or a month in advance or even a discount if you buy it through EA or a rebate through any other retailer then it might be worth it.

but i no where a big madden fan that will spend i think it was 29 or 39 dollars a month for 3 days early. i think i can deal with current madden for 3 days.

once again. EA is finding way to sucker you in for money. as if the online pass wasn't enough already.

now everyone else is trying to do it.