Microsoft’s Summer Of Arcade Debunks Gaming Myths

Thecrapgamer from GxC writes:
It seems that every developer wants to release their game around the holidays, I can’t say I blame them as that is the time of year most people are in a spending mood and will undoubtedly spend a good amount of money on games, whether it be for themselves or as gifts. The problem with this strategy is, were going to see a lot of delays because for some reason most of these developers haven’t caught on to the fact that every other developer wants the same exact thing. This holiday season is jam-packed with solid games, I recently wrote an article listing some games that I thought would be better served delayed into next year. Not because I didn’t want those games in particular, but because in such a crowded market those games weren’t going to see the sales they warranted.

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newleaf2641d ago

Summer of Arcade has been pretty stellar this year. Wonder how Crimson Alliance will turn out.
Still waiting on Shadow Complex 2 Epic...on disc