IGN: Setting Traps in Firefall Video Preview

The Engineer: Turning a first-person shooter into a first-person planner.

For the Engineer in Firefall, even slight delays become negligible. That's because the Engineer doesn't rely on shooting things -- he lets his constructs do the shooting for him.

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JBWill2662d ago

Man, I played this game at PAX East, and it was awesome, but they hadn't revealed the Engineer yet. I wish I could have gone to Prime to try it out! It looks awesome.

ghost7782661d ago

yeah, and just think. They still have 1 more class to reveal for release. Wonder what it could be.

TheJayde2659d ago

Im hoping it will be a melee focused class that is going to have even more hp than the Assault, or at least have abilities that mimic extra hit points, like personal shields, or dampening fields. Probably wont happen, but If I were in charge, I would call it the dreadnaught and it would have those abilities.