Insomniac Games comments on the identity crisis of Resistance

GB: "The Resistance franchise has one of the most divisive fanbases that we’ve ever seen in gaming before. It must be tough facing all the criticisms due to a less than stellar sequel according to its predecessor’s fans."

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morganfell2666d ago

Identity crysis? Oh, you mean what non-PS3 owners are saying as part of their relentless campaign of jealousy.

BrightFalls762666d ago

The only identity crisis I see from this series is that of being a good one. The first two games were the definition of average and the 3rd looks like another polished but average game. No thanks, not with Rage on the horizon.

newleaf2666d ago

Your comment made very little to no sense. It's pretty much like saying 60% of the time, it works all the time. . .

SoapShoes2666d ago

Lol whatever and I don't see anything special about RAGE...

MidnytRain2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

The first one was my favorite single-player FPS ever. I'm replaying it now. The second one... well, they just changed too much. It's like they thought the original sucked and they needed to redesign everything.

Buho2666d ago

Same here. Resistance:Fall Of Man's single player campaign is amazing! I hate it when people talk trash about Resistance without ever even have played the games. I beat the single player campaign many times, including 2-3 superhuman playthroughs. I played the online multiplayer for years. Resistance:Fall Of Man is my favorite game ever. So many good memories and great pals met online. I loved the co-op in Resistance 2, but that's about it. You either love Resistance 2, or you hate it. Resistance 3 looks like a mix of the best things found in both Resistance games, which has me totally excited for it!!

beavis4play2666d ago

i didn't like #2 not having the weapon wheel. and the story didn't flow well - i thought the narration in the first one helped the story move along better. i also didn't like the end boss in #2 - i expected better from insomniac.
i did enjoy #2 but #1 was SO much better.

beavis4play2666d ago

brightfalls76 - and yet you pass judgement on rage without even playing it? and considering it's the first game from ID in almost a decade and considering doom3 (while gorgeous to look at) was a VERY average game - i don't see what you're basing your confidence in rage on. i will say that the car combat looks fun - too bad the cars seem to handle like boats on water.
oh, well - have fun with that. i'll probably give rage a go when the i can get a used copy for 20 dollars.

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Istanbull2666d ago

identity crisis? divisive? who are these people?

P_Bomb2666d ago

The same reviewers that gave Resistance 2 a higher average than Resistance 1 yet now have selective amnesia over the fun they had and the suggestions they made (eg. too grey, needs more color).

Tweaking a couple things between games ain't an identity crisis, otherwise what would they consider something like Halo that suddenly went from an FPS to an RTS a few years back?

Prince of Persia rebooting (2008) then ditching the reboot on a cliffhanger to unsuccessfully go back to the old continuity with 4 different plots across platforms (2010), now that's an identity crisis.

beavis4play2666d ago

very good points - bubbles.

videoxgamexfanboy2666d ago

Ive had the beta since day 1 and havent played it again until today. The mp is not that fun to me. Im thinkin of cancelling my pre order. Maybe a sp demo will change my mind

MidnytRain2666d ago

Resistance's strongest point as always been the campaign.

blodulv2666d ago

Completely agree. MP was a total snoozefest.

tigertron2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

I felt the same way when I played the beta last month and I haven't gone back to it since...I was about to cancel my pre-order when I bought Battle Los Angeles and got the campaign demo which I thought was excellent, so I'm not going to cancel and I'll probably just play the campaign.

I felt the MP was too much like R2 and using the same old COD style perks, I was hoping the game would be more like RFOM (which is my favourite FPS). That said the campaign felt much more like RFOM, with a much darker tone and atmosphere and thats something that really lacked in R2. I don't even really count R2, I consider Retribution the true sequel to RFOM, its my favourite PSP game.

xtremegamerage2666d ago

I thought the first game's mp was a snoozefest tbh, 2nd was better with the co-op as well. The new one gets alot of things right, movement, weapons feel like they have power, other then subhd, the graphics are better.

I would not judge the full game until you play the SP and all the other modes and maps of MP.

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