Catherine Review (Lens of Truth)

Lens of Truth writes - "In our next inFocus we put Catherine from Atlus under our Lens. Catherine is a unique blend of puzzle platformer, adult adventure and survival horror, all rolled into one. Does Atlus hit a home run mixing these genres together, or does Catherine leave gamer lusting for more?"

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Tempjf2670d ago

I really don't know why everyone is making a big deal out of this game.

Joe Bomb2670d ago

Let me guess, your not running around with a gun shooting people so it sucks, right?

LoaMcLoa2670d ago

He's probably judging it by the cover.

I think the story was great! Didn't really care much for the gameplay though

squeeb2670d ago

Its original and fun. I'm glad its getting the press it has.

Kos-Mos2670d ago

You should clean your lense, and this is not the only failure of a review/article from that site.

Jake_Butler2670d ago

Let me guess you think it deserves a 10? Just like Mario Galaxy 2 is your Game of the year... haah

Kos-Mos2669d ago

It`s harder to create a game with intellect(thus better); Catherine and believe it or not Mario than cod, gears, gow, me, gta, halo, but what would you know?

About the review do you think it`s well written?

Simco8762670d ago

I will pick this game up, but when the price drops for sure. The game looks like a blast

TheColbertinator2670d ago

Awesome game to have.Totally worth the $80.

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