Steve Jobs Was 'Henry Ford' of The Computer Industry

Steve Jobs' announcement late yesterday that he's stepping down from his CEO role at Apple has left many wondering what the future will hold for the world's most valuable company. Jobs has been a true visionary, and the fact that he won't be very actively involved in the company's day to day affairs could be cause for concern, but analysts IndustryGamers contacted have the utmost confidence in Apple's management.

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donniebaseball2665d ago

Apple should be fine. In fact, now might be a good time to buy some stock.

evrfighter2665d ago

more like the captain hook of the computer industry

Tommykrem2665d ago

...but buying stocks in Apple right now doesn't exactly seem like the best idea. The stocks are expensive so even with Jobs buying AAPL stocks would be a fairly risky investment with little promise of any considerable short term increase and with Jobs gone who knows what direction the company will take. Wait half a year, if the company underperfoms, buy stocks and wait for the company to figure it's sales model out again if it does in fact perform very well, you're missing out at a 5% increase at the most.

Lazy_Sunday2665d ago

Hmmm, I wonder who Bill Gates was then...

fluffydelusions2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

There are far more deserving people who fit the title the 'Henry Ford' of The Computer Industry. Not saying Jobs didn't contribute anything...just saying.

Shackdaddy8362665d ago

Like who? I'm just curious...

Convas2665d ago

A few names come to mind, his is definitely not one of them.

MintBerryCrunch2665d ago

Bill Gates

say what you want about the guy, but he was and still is a programming genius

plus all the humanitarian stuff he is doing after leaving MS has really cemented him as being one of the greats, i give Jobs the credit of taking Apple and making them a giant and a force around the globe, before he came back the company was struggling just to get by and his sort of leadership had been missing for a long time

Shackdaddy8362665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

@Clizzz I asked who. People are just saying they know of some which makes me think you guys are just hating for no reason.

Jobs and Wozniak are worldly known as the guys who invented the personal computer. Henry Ford is the man who brought cars to an affordable level for the public. Even if you hate everything there is about apple, there is a large similarity between the two.

@MintBerry Gates is an amazing person (and a better man than Jobs is imo) but he came after Jobs and, tbh, kinda ripped off apple's GUI. He also mostly worked with software instead of hardware.

@siyrobbo Yes, I think woz would be the best runner up. I would say he would be #1 if he decided to keep an executive job at apple instead of branching off. He is more of an Edison/Tesla than a Henry Ford imo.

@Arksine Anlan Turning/John von Neuman are not the Henry Ford of computers. They are more of the Rudolf Diesel of the computer world. Henry Ford didn't invent the automobile. He made it available to the masses.

Arksine2665d ago

Bill Gates was NOT a programming genius. He was a business genius. He had incredible foresight into the future personal computing. He could look at a piece of software and say "this is going to be big, I want it."

The only thing he screwed up on was the internet. MS was late to the party, and if they had waited much longer it could have drastically affected MS's current dominance in PC operating systems.

The "Henry Ford" of the computer industry was either Alan Turing or John von Neumann.

BlackKnight2665d ago


"Jobs and Wozniak are worldly known as the guys who invented the personal computer. Henry Ford is the man who brought cars to an affordable level for the public. Even if you hate everything there is about apple, there is a large similarity between the two."

You contradict yourself...You say Ford made it affordable, yet then say Jobs and Woz "invented" the personal computer. Apple computers, ESPECIALLY these days, is one of the most UNaffordable brands of PCs you can buy. DEFINITELY not an every-man's computer like Ford did to cars.

There is not a similarity in that sense at all.

Shackdaddy8362665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

@Blacknight I didn't contradict myself. Jobs and Wozniak made the PC available to the public. Henry Ford made the car available to the public.

And back then the apple Lisa was the first ever affordable computer to come with a GUI.

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kneon2665d ago

I always thought of him as more of the P.T. Barnum of the computer industry.

Woz would more rightfully be compared to Henry Ford.

wildcat2665d ago

No doubt the company will be fine. Let us hope Jobs' health will improve as well.

fender862665d ago

Nah more like for US tech yea and no not a good time to buy apple stock tomuch going on with apple inc but apple will be fine .

waltyftm2665d ago

NO NO NO, Ford wanted to give the people the best, this guy wanted to give the people yearly updates of the same shit.

KING_KAI2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

well you cant blame them, if consumers want to be sheep let them be sheep. apple have got it easy.

FragMnTagM2665d ago

Just because people are retards, doesn't mean we should take advantage of them.

Apple's junk is no better than anything PC's can do. The only difference is Apple's crap has a pretty case and charge out the ass for it.

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