MGS on 360, What does this mean?

Just 3 months left now. Every gamer is anxiously waiting for the re-release of the ultimate saga to be re-released and Remastered in High definition! Metal Gear Solid HD Collection was much desired by every gamer who had the love for the franchise over a decade ago![TacticZone]

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LOGICWINS2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Ummm not much. If a non PS3 owning 360 owner where that much of an MGS fan, he would have either gotten a PS3(to play MGS4), PS2(to play MGS2/Snake Eater), or PSP(to play Peace Walker) years ago to play these games.

And considering that games like Gears, Halo, and COD are the most played on XBL...I doubt many 360 owners would care about an MGS collection.

The people on N4G make this MGS collection on the 360 a MUCH bigger deal than it actually is.

just_sayin2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

If i'm not mistaken but 2&3 are on the xbox right

@ LOGICWINS/Darthv72
Thanks i though Snake Eater was on the first xbox as well

LOGICWINS2608d ago

I think that MGS2: Subsistence is offered on XBL as a downloadable title. Don't know about Snake Eater.

darthv722608d ago

just MGS2 substance on the original xbox and it isnt comp with the 360.

MaxXAttaxX2608d ago

It means nothing more than a double rainbow.

KING852608d ago

You are actually partly mistaken as only metal gear solid 2: substance was the only one to grace the xbox brand.

darthv722608d ago

what is there to disagree with? MGS2 substance is for the original xbox and it is not compatible with the 360. If you dont believe me then put a copy in your system and you will find it does not play.

Konami (and possibly nvidia) did not make a patch to allow it to work on the 360 ati gpu. And furthermore.....

oh what's the use.

BattleAxe2608d ago

Most 360 player will learn very quickly that you can't jump and float in the air, then they will go back to Halo.

Army_of_Darkness2608d ago

What?! No master chief! Chiiiiiief!!!

Kurt Russell2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I saw the 1st two Metal Gears through when they were out first time round... I haven't played them since, not my kinda game. I haven't tried it on my PS3, so it won't be gracing my 360 either :(

Not saying they're bad games at all, just not for me :)

LNDCalling2608d ago

@BattleAxe LMAO!! that did make me chuckle..

On topic I think its great that 360 owners get to play them, they may realise how great MGS is and get a PS3 to play MGS4.. though I suppose many might have already!

morganfell2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Splinter Cell Collection HD on the PS3 (exclusively). What does this mean?

Absolutely nothing.

The sheer desperation of some of the articles now freely posted on N4G is flabbergasting. Even more astounding are the people that put stock in such ramblings.

gamingdroid2607d ago

MGS have graced other consoles many times, so it is no surprise that future games will be multi-platform.

It just makes business sense, unless somebody ponies up big money to keep it exclusive.

pixelsword2607d ago

Obviously it means that 360 players get to play MGS.

abang2607d ago

I'm glad that the franchise is coming to the 360..

Though I can imagine, without doing proper research,them will be playing in order : MGS PW, MGS 2, MGS3 and avoiding MG1 & MG2 due to graphics..Good luck decyphering the story..

snipes1012607d ago

It means that MGS is on the 360.

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darthv722608d ago

there are the hold outs out there and they are the ones who will buy it.

I have MGS on the GC and MGS2 on the xbox. Never played 3 and even though I have a psp, didnt get into peace walker. I do have 4 though for ps3.

Now my situation is do I get it for the ps3 or for the 360........?

LOGICWINS2608d ago

"there are the hold outs out there and they are the ones who will buy it."

So people were holding out for years for an MGS Collection that they didn't even know existed until a month ago???

Convas2608d ago

Welps, I don't have MGS4. And if Metal Gear Solid: Rising actually comes out, I plan on getting it for 360, so I'm planning on getting the MGS HD Collection for 360.

Soldierone2608d ago

More so REAL fans wouldn't hold out like that. I couldn't resist no matter how hard I tried. Even bought another PSP just so I could play the Acid series and so on. There is no way in hell I would of passed up a PS2 or PS3 and skipped all those games.

As for which one. If you own both, go PS3, the series originated and has always been on PlayStation. That way you can go and get MGS4 too. If you only own an xbox then by all means get it on Xbox. Other than that logic, its all personal choice and if you get it on one console or another who cares? Its MGS!

NoobSessions2608d ago

Lol whats with all the disagrees on Clizzz? Just because he wants it for Xbox? Wow.

LNDCalling2608d ago

Agreed.. As to your dilema I suppose its down to what consloe you play most and what controller you would prefer playing that kind of game on!

UltimateIdiot9112607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

PS3, take advantage of TRANSFARRING!

Not sure if the PS3 version will include any bonus or not. Besides, MGS games were design for PS platform.

I don't know if they made any changes to the pressure sensitive input but I do know MGS3 uses pressure sensitivity which is only on PS controllers. So it might become a little more fustrating on the 360.

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zeal0us2608d ago

its means I will be buying it


It means nothing,People seem to forget that the original xbox had a MGS game as well.

M_Prime2607d ago

i actually think IT MAY MEAN that MGS4 might grace the Xbox. i only played MGS1 on the PSX.. i never had a PS2 and i have a PS3 that collects dust.. I love my XBOX.. so i'm stoked for this

Raven_Nomad2608d ago

You'd be surprised. I grew up with the Metal Gear games and Metal Gear Solid 1 on my PS1 was the first gaming all nighter I ever pulled when I was a teenager.

Yea I have MGS4 on PS3, but I didn't really enjoy it. I also have close to 30,000 Gamerscore on XBL, so I would much rather play this on my Xbox 360.

There are probably a good amount of people that will feel the same way.

I never looked at Metal Gear as a Sony exclusive anyway, there was one on the original Xbox and Nintendo got an amazing version called Twin Snakes. Snake is even in Smash Bro's.

SilentNegotiator2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Yeah, I'm sure 4 was much too "On the PS3 but not the 360"-ish for you.

2pacalypsenow2608d ago

i cant see my self playing MGS with a xbox controller

digitaledge2608d ago

My first Metal Gear game was on the NES way back in the day(about 24 years ago). I still have fond memories of seeing the 'state of the art graphics' (at least at the time), with Snake having a cigarette, lol.

In saying that, as my life circumstances changed, I never really had the chance to get into what people call the 'main' Metal Gear games, but now that my kids are growing up, I've now got a bit more time to put into games, so collections like this are quite useful for me. It means that I don't have to hook up my old consoles to play them.

I'm sure that there are quite a few new gamers who have never played the originals, so this kind of thing would be appealing for them.

newleaf2608d ago

It is a big deal, some people may be fans but not big enough fans to buy a new console for one single game in a series. Besides, this is more than just for the fans of the series, it is about making NEW fans that may only take note of the series now that it is on their console of choice. Seriously logicwins, I usually agree with what you have to say because it is logical most of the time...right now you're being very short sighted.
Lets also not forget that cod is the highest selling ps3 game, they love that ish, citing liking games like cod as a reason that 360 fans might not buy this game compilation is just plain illogical and a little insulting.

slaton242608d ago

if its on multi-platform who all started on nintendo anyways....the only people who dont no that are the young gamers

Hatiko2608d ago

And apparently you don't know that it didn't start on nintendo. Nintendo got the altered MG (a port in which kojima had no part in) and the horrible Metal Gear 2: Snakes Revenge which is non-canonical and kojima had no part in. The MSX2 is where it started with Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

trikster402608d ago

Doh beat me to it! but at least the guy on the cover of Snake's Revenge looked like dude from Terminator hah!

Now, if only he will remake Snatcher and make a sequel...

slaton242608d ago

well either way metal gear was on nintendo(NES) before metal gear solid came out. Also i dont care who eas involved a metal gear game is still a metal gear game good or bad...than it was on ps1 when metal gear solid was made...after that during ps2 it went multi...

just like final fantasy so many people where pissed because 13 was goin multi it should stay at its roots with sony..they must not have known that too started on nintendo....i no enough to no what I am talkin about considering i have been a gamer since 4 back when the 1st nintendo came out and i have been playin ever since and now i am 25.

dontbhatin2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Well technically the first nintendo came out in the late 70's called Color TV Game. It only came out in japan, but its still technically the first nintendo system. but it seems like 4 would be more towards the SNES timeline. so 6 would probably be more of a stable area to start being a gamer, cause i know nobody that is 4 that can even get passed a start menu without help.

AO1JMM2607d ago

@Hatiko, MSX = Microsoft

Just an FYI

DigitalAnalog2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Meanwhile manufactures ranged from Mitsubishi and guess what...

dun dun dun


-End statement

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Kran2608d ago

OR!!! Current generation people want to get to know the generation people used to know, hence the point of a HD Collection?

FACTUAL evidence2608d ago

All this means is MSG4 not going to 360 still.....that's where this is trying to point out to. Also, MGS4 sold fantastically, so if we did get MGS5 exclusive on a ps system I wouldn't be surprised.

slaton242608d ago

i think that metal gear solid is over with and the start of a new series of metal gear was about to start...thats what i read up on...than when they announced metal gear solid rising i was like maybe thats the game they are talkin about...buti also read the reason 360 cannot get MGS4 is because it would take up to 6 disc....also if every game went multiplatform where would that lead the systems....hmm

Chocoboh2608d ago

@slaton24 nah that's bs it wouldn't take up 6 discs because all they would need to do is heavily compress some audio/textures and it would fit on a good 2-3 discs. Hell they're putting Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Playstation Vita(or was a playtest alpha anyways) I'm a ps3 fan mainly don't get me wrong but I do own all consoles.

SilentNegotiator2608d ago

It doesn't mean MGS4 on 360....

MGS2 was on the xbox, and MGS3 was not because the second one didn't do as well on it.

Now it's another generation and they're releasing it in HD.

So what does it all mean? It means gamers get to play a classic and second-rate fanboy sites get to make silly articles.

WitWolfy2608d ago

Agreed MGS4 will NEVER come to 360, seeing that it says "Sony computer entertainment" in the opening credits... meaning its a Sony exclusive

andibandit2608d ago

It's a mute point. The story of the MGS series is so confusing and complex, i dont think would even consider playing unless i could start with the first game.

caseh2607d ago

'It's a mute point. The story of the MGS series is so confusing and complex, i dont think would even consider playing unless i could start with the first game. '

To be honest each game is pretty much self-contained rather than a continuation of the previous installment. You would miss out on little nods here and there to previous titles but the games are pretty good at filling those gaps in.

I never played the NES/MSX installments yet it didn't take long for me to learn who Big Boss was for example. Any other gaps can be filled in by the MGS Database on PS3. :)

Nameless_Protagonist2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I think a lot of Xbox 360 only owners will care about this hd collection. Considering 2 of the 3 games offered never appeared on an Xbox console, it's like getting 2 brand new games for less then the price of one of the three games you mentioned.

PRHB HYBRiiD2608d ago

It means people who have xbox 360 will be able to play metal gear.

Micro_Sony2608d ago

MGS on 360, What does this mean?

This means that Sony needs to setup and meeting with Konami and offer them some $$$$$$$$$$ that Konami cant refuse for MGS5.

spunkee3112608d ago

Could not disagree more with this arrogant statement

TheEatingVodka2608d ago

Haha are you kidding me? It is a big deal.. It means that the new upcoming MGS will be released for the 360 as well

the_best_player2608d ago

@What does this mean?

The trolls will still never get MGS4 :)

_Aarix_2607d ago

Im looking forward to it and im a 360 owner

SephirothX212607d ago

Well I bought a PS3 for MGS3 and didn't buy a psp for PW and I'm glad I didn't because now I get it in hd on my PS3. Though you can't say that 360 owners who didn't buy a PS3 for MGS4 aren't MGS fans. Many people simply don't have the money and also, thee are so many great multi-platform games to now that no gamer is going to be stuck regardless of their console (besides wii).

bebojet2607d ago

"The people on N4G make this MGS collection on the 360 a MUCH bigger deal than it actually is."

It's only because it was a former PlayStation exclusive game. With Konami's constant HD remakes I wouldn't be surprise if MGS4 makes it's way on 360. That way they'll also give the fans what we have been asking for years, a trophy patch.

DaMist2607d ago

I just think this means that the next MG game besides Rising of course, is also coming to the XBOX 360, which makes sense.

olLANDSHARKlo2607d ago

@BattleAxe, jumping and floating in the air, you didn't mention resistance also, hmmm weird.

Magic_Spatula2607d ago

@ Kurt Russel

How can a man named Kurt Russel not want to play a game where the main character is based off of a character that he played in Escape from LA?

showtimefolks2607d ago

most games from kojima production will be on both ps3 and xbox360 and most likely wii.(also pc too so don't get mad)

i think unless MS or sony are willing to pay the man huge bucks i mean as huge as passing on a console install base of 60 plus million by mid 2012 than i don't think its happening



mgs HD collection and we are all getting a new MGS game in peace walker which most of us missed so enjoy and be gamers not fanboys enjoy man and peace out

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darthv722608d ago

konami knows that the franchise makes them $$$. The more they can sell it to the more they make in the end.

It was strange at first why they blocked MGS2 from the xbox from running on the 360. Now it will run and in HD no less.

Darkfocus2608d ago

it was never blocked the 360 can't run xbox games it can only emulate them...that's why the compatibility list is so small...most games have to be recoded in order to work properly...

chidori6662608d ago

It means more people get to play MGS in both consoles

MGS in both consoles= win for REAL gamers, not fanboys of exclusive console..

initial_kay2608d ago

i hate when people saay real gamers in everything like this.... just cause one person doesnt own every game console out there doesnt mean they aren't a real gamer.... means they jsut enjoy one console only or they dont bother for the other or the other doesnt offer them anything they want... -___-"

BX812608d ago

Shut up fake gamer /s.

_Aarix_2607d ago

Fanboys, they bash and hate on a console they don't have. A real gamer would respect the other console and just f***ing game.

Nameless_Protagonist2608d ago

I didn't buy an Xbox 360 because of the unreliable hardware.

Micro_Sony2608d ago

So you will reconsider buying one now as the hardware is ace with the slims.