Now You’re Playing With Super Power

On August 23, 1991 the Super Nintendo was welcomed into the world. It arrived late to the scene. Sega had started the 16-bit generation early in 1990. Though their hardware was inferior to Nintendo’s, it was there and lots of people had made the switch. Everyone knows that Nintendo leaned on the NES a little too long, but it was a phenomenon, and those are hard to let go of. Like many other console launches, the Super NES had a rough start. The 3DS can relate. But much like many of those rough starts, the Super Nintendo ended up becoming one of the, if not – the – greatest consoles to ever grace the modern gaming world.

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darthv722586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

While I liked the SNES i preferred the genesis. Not sure why because (like the article says) the snes had the superior tech.

Maybe it was the games. Even though the tech was less you could see the devs were really able to pull some magic out of it over the course of its run.

Ooops...this is about the snes not the genesis. My bad. One thing is for sure. Without stiff competition there can be no self improving.


The good old days where people loved good games no matter the consoles. Now its just contaminated with immature fan boys.

bgrundman2586d ago

I miss the days of zoning out in front of my snes for hours. Those were the days...

Istanbull2586d ago

I was still playing my SNES around this time 10 years ago, if you look at it, 10 years is not that big of a time, how time flies...

crunchychocobo2586d ago

I never had a SNES, but I do remember playing countless hours of Mario Kart at a friend's apartment in college, and the SNES "remakes" are some of my favorites right now. They seem to have aged the best over the N64 and PlayStation.

IM_A_NINJA2586d ago

This takes me back for sure. I was kind of young at the time, but I loved Super Mario World. Though I have to say in 1992-1994 it was definitely cooler to own a Sega Genesis.

Everyone had a SNES, but people wanted that Genesis because of Mortal Kombat having blood and because of Sonic The Hedgehog. Still good times though.

buckley2586d ago

Some of my favorite gaming moments of all time took place on the SNES. Nothing but fond memories attached to that system.


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The story is too old to be commented.