Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – 30 minutes of direct-feed footage

Check out a ton of new footage of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


Second 15 minute video at the link.

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RockmanII72607d ago

Videos are awful quality, Its like 240p resolution with 8 fps.

Corepred42607d ago

Who the hell thought these characters would be a good idea to put in the game?! Geez. MvC3... the most disappointing game in my history of gaming. So sad.

Peaceful_Jelly2607d ago

I only liked like 3 characters in the roster of MvC3 and I only like 1 of the new 12 characters for UMvC3. If only Capcom listened to the fans at least a little... I mean, lots of people want Megaman X, Venom, Cyclops and they come and add a bunch of characters no one cares about like Rocket Racoon and Firebrand. Is like they just want to piss off the fans or something.

And what about that new ugly and confusing health bar? My goodness!

XIIIWARRIOR412607d ago

No more Capcom, no more money from me man!

xskipperx822607d ago

Well, Capcom had like hardly any say as to who they could put in the game on the Marvel side. I love Marvel, but they really dropped the ball when it came to character selection. They already admitted that the reason they chose these characters is to promote upcoming comics that they will be starring in. Capcom side > Marvel side

Flipgeneral2607d ago

haha, haters will be haters

keep it coming capcom! I'm waiting to see how UMVC3 will flesh out..
nov 30th can't come soon enough

Corepred42607d ago

and i guess dumb people will be dumb

DeleteThisxx2607d ago

And scrubs will be scrubs. I bet you get bodied every night don't you? Stay free.

Corepred42607d ago

lmao i love when dumb people use dumb words. "haters" and "scrubs" lol stay free? lmao bodied? lmao you don't know how lame you sound! lmao

DeleteThisxx2606d ago

Coming from the guy who has nothing else to fall back on except for. "Oh, you're dumb." You're attempting to interpret someone's intelligence on the internet, keep that in the back of your mind. No one comes off as a bigger incompetent jackass than you. Obvious troll. Keep doing your thing though, I guarantee that when you grow older and finally move out of your parents house your constant bickering over "Wahh, that isn't a word you're dumb" certainly will not pay off. Oh well, I'm used to the immature morons on this site, at least you're out of bubbles.

P.S. Your comment proves how you obviously know nothing about fighting games, casual player here folks, nothing to see.