IGN: Is LA Noire Sexist?

LA Noire is an amazing technological and creative innovation, but for a female gamer, there's little doubt that it takes a skewed view of women.

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LOGICWINS2644d ago

It's supposed to be sexist. It's set in 1947.

MintBerryCrunch2644d ago

was just about to say that, what did people expect, back then gender roles were very black and white, men went out and supported the families, women stayed at home and took care of everything else

WhiteLightning2644d ago

I didn't even think IGN were that dumb

Come on do you think women were treated back then.

It's called learning from history.

Bull5hifT2644d ago

When woman knew there place

DeFFeR2644d ago

When humanity knew how to spell.

MidnytRain2644d ago

It's the U.K. IGN...

Just sayin'...

kaveti66162644d ago

God, this article writer is so dense. Must be a woman.

nycredude2644d ago

NOthing to see here. Writer is a woman and apparently either really young and not a history buff or really old with bad memory.

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MrDead2644d ago

IGN is owned by news corp, that explaines a lot

CrimsonEngage2644d ago

The better question is why isn't she in the damn kitchen?

*duh dum tisssssk* I'll be here all week.

SugarSoSweet2644d ago ShowReplies(2)
yamzilla2644d ago

they had different drinking fountains for black people then as well....hard to believe how backward and screwed up things were just a few decades ago....

Motorola2644d ago

Haven't we gone over this? The time period of the game makes it sexist, it's supposed to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.