Gamescom 2011: The Darkness II Preview (El33tonline)

El33tonline writes:

"At an El33tonline attended gamescom presentation for Digital Extremes’ The Darkness II, 2K Games producer Seth Olshfski stepped us through the dark, twisted and hostile world that protagonist Jackie Estacado will need to fight through in order to get to the bottom of an attempt on his life by a rival mob gang.

Luckily for Jackie (and unluckily for those mobsters), players of The Darkness II will be able to wield the bloodthirsty powers of The Darkness itself, a legendary and terrible mystical force that lies at the centre of the conflict, and the game’s story."

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ReservoirDog3162645d ago

I just finished the darkness 1 yesterday actually. It was flawed but still really good. So, I'm looking forward for this one.