How to Defeat a Boss Battle in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution released last Tuesday and many of you are playing your way through the game. This is a rather hardcore game in that you’ll die many, many times; even if you’re playing on the easiest difficulty setting so that you can enjoy the story, you will die repeatedly.

You might find yourself having trouble defeating a particular boss; here are some hints at how to win. Of course, there are spoilers here.

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JimmyJames702546d ago

Sorry for the potential spoiler, but it's an article that wasn't online yet and people were searching for it. For some, you probably hate me, for others, you're thanking me.

As for those who are reporting this article as Lame, well, that's your opinion, but it shouldn't stop this article from being approved.

SoulMisaki2546d ago

It can and should. Change the title to something that doesn't have the character's name in it, and change the picture to one of Jensen.

That would save everyone the trouble of your stupid mistake.

JimmyJames702546d ago

I'll go ahead and make the changes. But you really didn't have to call me stupid. That's just stupid.

Kamikaze1352546d ago

Wow....nice spoiler there

JimmyJames702546d ago

Fixed. No more spoilers unless you want it.

Omni_Gamer2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Report removed, now that is a proper title and description, but I still hate you for the spoiler =P

JimmyJames702546d ago

And over the past three years of posting articles to N4G, I've learned to love each and every one of you.

xtremegamerage2545d ago

Is the game anygood, i've seen a little play through and the a.i looked average tbh.

2545d ago
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