Sony: 'We have to do better in UK'

MCVUK: "Speaking to MCV at Gamescom last week, the new SCEE president and CEO told us that the fresh bargain price for PS3 – which can already be found for £179 at some retailers – can set it on course to outsell the competition.

“This is something we have been planning for a while,” said Ryan. “Getting to £199 is fantastic in the UK. It’s a real milestone. UK is one of the territories where we have to do better."

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iamnsuperman2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

What I noticed was lot jumped on the 360 first then because there friends were on live they got the 360 too. But this then changed over the last 2 or 3 years. The price point will help its just they lost out to that initial jump

dangert122666d ago

Only reason I got a 360 Is because the 360 was all I could afforard (core) at the time

If I would of knew how much more advanced tech wise etc I would of kept saving for a Ps3 I never understood why It cost so much as the big thing for both consoles was the HD visuals and I thought :S why does the ps3 cost so much Its only a games console...that was until i brought It....It never kicked In how good It was until about a week or to later having games like MS pacific Rift, Killzone 2 and MGS 4...

iamnsuperman2666d ago

I was one who waited and saved for the PS3. I think having a PS2 helped a lot in my decision.

Godmars2902666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

It was the attempt to repeat the PS2's success as a two font media system. To make it a BR player as well as a game system.

I bought a PS2 first because it played DVD movies, second PS1 BC and third its own games. Applied the same logic with the PS3 seeing $700 cheaper than $1000 for a standalone BR player.

Obviously not enough people agreed with me at the time.

darthv722666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Sony wanted a repeat of that success but one thing really slowed them and it wasnt the 360. Many if not all did not have the right setup to really take advantage of the visuals.

Watching a bluray movie on an SD tv is not that much different than watching a dvd. The games were the stand out part. Yes many bought the ps3 as a bluray player but not at the same rate as when people did that for the ps2.

You have to think that the dvd competition was vhs and the differences between the two were night and day. When looking at bluray vs dvd it wasnt as obvious to those who didnt know about the improvements blu had.

I mean, WE all know but the regular consumer wasnt as aware. Throw in the fact you NEEDED an HD tv to see these differences and you can understand why it didnt explode like the DVD trend with the PS2.

I bought my ps3 a year after launch and 2nd hand so I cant say i contributed to the initial sales but I am proud to have one. I contribute to game sales if that matters.

Godmars2902666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

No, what messed them up was timing. Timing in relation to DVDs vs BR that is.

When the PS2 rolled out there were several other media formats competing to replace VHS, largely - which is also why it failed - laser discs. DVD tech itself was actually cheap while standalone players were expensive. The PS2 undercut that market which won it the console war by default while also making DVDs dominant worldwide.

But the PS3 didn't get that chance. Though the tech was newer and more costly, the makers of standalones had learned their lesson and moved to drop their prices ASAP. Then you have the need for q larger install base for HDTVs in general and the mess of HD-DVD which MS helped to prop up besides. The addition of the 360 add-on was a too little too late joke.

The PS3 still won the war for BR, but as you can see its suffered for it. Has the stigma of being in 3rd place where back in the PS2's day that meant being behind in sales by tens of millions.

Pixel_Pusher2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

UK? What about the US?! Stupid Sony. : q

darthv722665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

the popularity of the PS2 was a contributing factor in the slow start as well. The quality of the games for the PS2 at the same time was doing wonders on that hardware. Where as the quality of the games for the ps3 werent really showcasing its technical abilities.

The games do now but it is the usual routine. Sony kept promoting the ps2 when they should have focused their efforts on the ps3. Even nintendo is guilty of the same thing when their snes came out. Pushing the original nes instead of the newer power house meant a slower turn around for people to suddenly stop buying nes games and start getting snes ones.

I am sure sony will do things differently with their 4th system. As it is I chalk it up the the 3rd console curse. Anyone who knows what that is knows that so far it hasnt been broken.

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DJMarty2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

@iamnsuperman - I actually purchased a PS2 slim when Sony delayed PS3, then I bough a 60Gigger launch PS3. My PS3 60Gigger is still alive and kicking(just with a 750Gb hard drive in it), just like the day I purchased it.

Same can't be said for all my m8's that bought launch 360's and returned then multiple times. Most now have dumped 360 and gone with the reliable PS3.

Septic2666d ago

Odd. For me its the opposite. All my mates are ditching the PS3 in favour of the 360. It's the experience online that's attracting them mainly. In my experience most people got the PS3 because they were casual gamers. I think that might explain why some might be migrating to the 360.

Mind you, I have brought a lot of them to the dark side ie the 360 lol. They love it. Now to take it up a notch and make them build hench PC rigs :D

Rhythmattic2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )


"In my experience most people got the PS3 because they were casual gamers. I think that might explain why some might be migrating to the 360. "

And that would be your experience....

Your online, non qualified statement doesn't work with me...

What your really saying is they went to migrate 360 because thats where their friends are... And without a doubt, that works,,,, Friends.. a community...

But to say playing a MP game on 360 has an advantage over other "Casual" (WTF?) MP online service is an absolute lie

Most of my friends ditched their 360 and now own PS3's,

i'd be also guessing, at your school, everyone hates the PS3 ?

AFWIW I have my 360 for 2 games... Gears and Halo.. Thats hard core, right?

Anon19742666d ago

That's kinda a no-brainer. Gamers go where their friends are. For me, I only ever had one friend that had a 360 and he never gamed online. I have a 360 as well, but it just made sense that if all my friends and family were gaming on the PS3, why would I pay to play with strangers?

As it sits now though, almost none of the PS3 gamers I know game online anyway. As the older gen, I notice we still primarily gravitate towards single player games. I personally find it annoying to game online simply due to the amount of kids on both networks.

I wish there was some way to group the online game community by age. That way you could specify "Ok, only put me with gamers 25-40". That's the biggest reason I don't game online that much. Or have an option to game by region, as I've noticed that the racism/homophobia/language issues seem to be prevalent mostly in one specific regional group.

Septic2666d ago


"Your online, non qualified statement doesn'twork with me..."
And I couldn't care less mate. You said it yourself; that was MY experience and I alluded to that quite clearly.

" But to say playing a MP gameon 360 has an advantage over other"Casual" (WTF?) MP online service is an absolute lie"

Did I even say that?? I said its the online experience that's attracting them. Specifically as far as my acquaintances are concerned, they prefer it. They find it superior and more intuitive. Case in point: I downloaded Street Fighter 3 on both the PS3 and 360 yesterday. The process of downloading was remarkably quicker and easier on the latter console. My mate liked the whole layout behind it and that was the final nail in the coffin for him buying a 360.

"i'd be also guessing, at your school, everyone hates the PS3?"

Listen kid, stop making assumptions for your sake. I work. I'm not in school any more. My original post relayed my personal experience. There shouldn't be any cause for concern. You can leave your SDF mentality for someone else. I know this is N4G and you kids run rampant here, but take a step back lest you make the same mistake again.

Oh, and for your information, I use my PS3 for offline games seeing as the exclusives it has offer the best offline experiences as opposed to online imo. That's hardcore right?

SoapShoes2666d ago

Eh... Septic's story doesn't seem realistic, sounds like a lie.

Rhythmattic2665d ago

You put forth your 360 weighted post, and I replied.

As for my remark re: school, apologies.. I suppose its just due to my nephew (he is 12) having just sold his PS3 to get a 3.60 He was getting hounded by schoolmates to get a 360 to play blops and gears..

But the fact is they all said "the ps3 is crap, 360's better"

Guess i'm stereotyping. So your not a kid and either am I.

My first games console was a hanimex brand (pong) in 1978.

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THC CELL2666d ago

Bring the getaway and 8 days and u will

KingofGambling2665d ago

good idea since The Getaway is an open world game that take place in the U.K.

Zir02666d ago

UK is 360 country just like the US. Even with the price cut the 360 is still selling better than the PS3 in both regions.

The launch price and lack of decent online has really made the western world turn their back on the Playstation brand in favour of Xbox.

Its amazing what can change in one generation.

iamnsuperman2666d ago

Huh??? You do realise that half of Europe is the Western World and they love the PS3. How can you say since the price cut the 360 is still selling better. Its barely been a week.

Its amazing what some people say

WhiteLightning2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

"Its amazing what some people say"

Have you read his past comments. He's a blind 360 fanboy in deniel that Sony are doing better this year in terms of pleasing core gamers and actually giving gamers what they want...something Microsoft can't be arsed to since they're too busy with Kinect, money and sales.

outwar60102666d ago

then sort out the pricing !!! when infamous 2 came out it was 49.99 for the digital version and 39.99 for the disc version now its 19.00 for the disc version and........wait for it 49.99 for the digital version!! WTF their digital versions are way overpriced!!!!!

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