Valve: MS needs to be “comfortable” in opening up Xbox Live

Valve head Gabe Newell has said that the company still wants to bring Steamworks to Xbox Live, but admitted that Microsoft needs to relax the rules on what publishers can and can’t do with the service.

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majiebeast2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Its not gonna happen just like microsoft and free dlc not happening.

whydoyouask2639d ago

umm...theres already free dlc...

MrBeatdown2639d ago

Oddly enough, MS insisted Epic charge for DLC. If I remember correctly, they were paid DLC at release and went free months later as a compromise.

It's pretty well documented that MS wants to keep free DLC to a minimum.

I'd bet though that, even if they never allow Steam, they will allow free DLC to remain competitive. MS would be nuts to charge for DLC that is free on PC and PS3.

StanLee2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Valve needs to let it go. They've been banging on about this forever. The main reason of having a proprietary system is having total control on how revenue is generated. Why would they relinquish that? I get Valve's point of view but how would they feel if EA said, "fine, we wont use Origins with our games if you guys give us a bigger piece of the pie and control over how and when content is distributed." They wouldn't like the intrusion.

radphil2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )


He meant the stipulation about more than 1 free dlc over a specific size.

They heckle the devs to charge for much of the DLC.

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WhiteLightning2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Honestly want them to do that Valve

Show them

Bring TF2, L4D, L4D2 in like a bundle for the PS3 and update them like you do with the PC versions through Steamworks.

Once people start praising Valve and Sony, Microsoft will want in and will make an exception, they'll realise that Sony could end up getting better stuff for future Valve games, especially if the game is HL3, a game will which sell a ton.

qwertyz2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

MS will listen to valve eventually and those games aren't coming to ps3 anytime soon, if they where valve would have said so.

Its not only valve thats putting pressure on MS to open up, many other devs are doing the same thing and MS already said they where in talks with some devs to allow free to play games come to xbox so thats an improvement, its just taking a while to get MS to spread their legs open thats all.


I hope they will too and I also hope gamers boycott MS for having only few good exclusives ;gears,alan wake(I hear remedy is working on another one) and forza and halo(starting from reach, all the previous ones on 360 sucked really bad).

This is the only way MS will be FORCED to invest in more AAA exclusives. They have IPs(perfect dark, shadowrun, alan wake, lost odyssey, banjo kazooie, kameo, project Gotham racing and Fable which can still be revived if MS takes it away from lionhead) but they are too greedy to form good studios to work on them.

They just want easy profit( that's why they are releasing so many low budget kinect gimmicky games). ninendo does the same thing MS does, they've been milking the same IPs for 25 years now.

the problem is that the average gamer doesn't care too much about exclusives this has to change.

About alan wake; remedy only has less than 40 staff are you telling me MS cannot expand the studio ? well they said they where working on new facial capture tech for their next alan wake so if MS could fund that why don't they give them money to expand to ensure they can come up with a new season of wake every 2 years ? its all GREED.

WhiteLightning2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

"and those games aren't coming to ps3 anytime soon, if they where valve would have said so"

Trust me Valve are full of surprizes....did anyone imagine them doing DoTA2, nope. I think they'll bring them to the PS3 eventualy.

ZeroChaos2639d ago

XBox won't do that unless valve allows something on PS3 that can't be done on XBox except cross platform play.

biRdy2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Why arn't they smart enough to make their games more "flexible"? Like Halo Reach, and Mortal Kombat, both Bungie and NetherRealm Studios have managed to update there game without the need for Microsofts Title Update System. I say Be Smart Valve!

Mcardle2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )


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