Square Enix announces the new game from Portal's creator; Quantum Conundrum, coming in early 2012

DSOGaming writes: "Puzzle fans, get ready for a really interesting game that come’s from the co-creator of Portal, Kim Swift. Kim Swift’s latest game is called Quantum Conundrum and will be a puzzle adventure game in which players will play as a kid left alone in their uncle’s house/giant laboratory."

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WhiteLightning2643d ago

I don't get how anyone who was the mind behind Portal especially after how big Portal became can walk away from a sequel AND Valve to go somewhere else.

I mean fair enough differen't people, differen't tastes I suppose but if this was my first creation and it turned out to be a big hit I would of stayed to create a nice solid trilogy.

Grip2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

thank god he is not you.
More New IP plzzz..

WhiteLightning2642d ago

Woah.....straight to the insults then huh

All I'm saying is that I thought she would if stayed at Valve to watch Portal he first big game to develop for a bit while working on other projects. I'm not saying she should of just focused on the one game...that would be silly

I mean if I created, or if anyone created something like Portal....your first ever big game which ends up becoming a high rated seller first time round, you would feel pretty proud of it and yourself.

Wouldn't you like to see your game grow into a bigger franchise so people in the future can go "Look it's <your name> he/she created the Portal franchise you know" instead of "Oh theres <your name> she created the first Portal, that's all really"

Jack_DangerousIy2642d ago

*God* Kids need to show respect. Seriously.

thesummerofgeorge2642d ago


Not everyone shares your superstition. Religion does not exist here.

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grailly2642d ago

I can see 2 main reasons, one being money, and the second; as an artist/creator she might just want to create something new instead of working on a similar project.

We are the ones who win anyway; we got portal 2 which was awesome, and a new IP from kim swift

specialguest2642d ago

Worst video game name ever.

digitaleraser2642d ago

More like worst video game name since Narbacular Drop.

specialguest2642d ago

Damn, that's pretty harsh as well.

Kamikaze1352642d ago

I just hope Valve gets somebody to make Portal 3. I love the idea of new IPs as much as the next guy, but more often than not they end up being bad. I'd rather get a sequel to a game I love. Still going to look forward to see what this guy makes.

Ayepecks2642d ago

Again: Kim Swift is a she. Also: Kim Swift was not involved with Portal 2, so I think Valve will be fine.

Still, this game looks neat.

blumatt2642d ago

I wish I knew when dlc for Portal 2 was going to come. I'm ready to play some new puzzles "for science, you monster." :) Awesome game. I've gone back and re-played some levels but I'm ready for some new ones.

xabmol2642d ago

Screw DLC!! P2 should've had a level creator from day one! And that's why P2 is only wort a rent IMHFO.

zerox5052642d ago

hmmm by any chance is the uncle a pedophille? because it seems familiar...

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