Four against one: Tales fans battle oppression

Gematsu: "Final Fantasy fans have their day. Dragon Quest fans have their day. Pokemon fans have their day. If there are fans of any series that don’t always have their day, it’s those of Namco Bandai’s Tales franchise. Western fans, that is."

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GameTavern2666d ago

Is it not because Namco kind of treats the franchise as a small deal in the West so people perceive it as such?

Cloudberry2666d ago

It should have it's own game.

tiffac0082666d ago

The article also forgot Tales of Symphonia (PS2 version) that also didn't see the light of day outside of Japan.

Stunt2666d ago

It's actually mentioned under Symphonian Success. There's a reason it couldn't be brought here.

tiffac0082666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Yeah I didn't scroll down enough to see the Symphonian Success part. I thought the grey line was a start of an ad... X_X;;

Couldn't edit my post when I saw it. lol!

tarbis2666d ago

Bamco is being stupid by not releasing it on the west. If they are to base the failure of Tales bec of Vesperia on the 360 then they should learn from that mistake.

CrescentFang2666d ago

Whoa, I've only read the Symphonia Success port (atm), and this looks like a really well made article. It'll be a good read when I got time later.
Thanks :)

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