NightSky 3DS will not feature any 3D

It was recently announced that critically acclaimed NightSky will be heading to the 3DS. We have now learned that NightSky will be the first 3DS game not to feature any 3D capabilities.

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thephillup2641d ago

Judging by the screenshot the style looks like a cross between World of Goo and Limbo.

SilleGamer2641d ago

This could very well be the first indication that Nintendo is backing off from 3D on the 3DS handheld.

Hopefully not, but considering the dire sales of the handheld so far, combined with rumors of a revision - this could be the death knell.

vglulz2641d ago

It seems a little bit lazy on the developers' part. The game won't massively benefit from 3D, but it does have layers so pushing stuff to the background to create a 3D effect wouldn't take too much effort.

vgZero2641d ago

I'm glad, the games shouldn't be forced to use 3D

Hitman07692641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Pretty weak that 3DS games arent doing 3D. Why bother putting 3D in the hardware then.....

vglulz2641d ago

I can see this becoming more common.

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