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It's a gaming industry epic piece of news when an original creating pioneer that has seen the digital age expand on mainly his own inventions (regardless of who stole them first), has brought the iOS and portable gaming, casual gaming, and network gaming to a level that would otherwise never had been experienced. He has declared present COO Tim Cook should take his place...

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newleaf2642d ago

Don't know why, but this makes me smile

ATi_Elite2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

What? Do you not know that Steve Jobs is a cancer surviver? This almost happened a 3 years ago but Steve toughed it out but being CEO is too much of a daily grind for him now!

Steve Jobs started Apple in his parent's garage back in 1976! He resigned in 1984 but came back in 1996. Steve has made Apple the second most profitable company in the world and actually for a couple days early August 2011 Apple was Ranked #1 finally passing Exxon Mobile. Seems to me that being #1 was Steve's last goal to check off his list and now he's just gonna hopefully take it easy and enjoy life!!

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are actually good friends and even worked together back in the day.

gameguidedog2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

What will the Angry Birds say? And the photo there just makes me wonder if he's thinking "Heh Bill, this looks like a much cooler faster and better version of windows now doesn't it?"

Panaru2642d ago

And yet the browser still doesn't support flash. Exemplary.

JerryMatters2642d ago

Reports are saying that consumers will have less trust in the products now since it isn't Steve that's in charge. I think the Apple brand stands on its own regardless of if he's CEO or chairman, he's obviously in need of some time off and enjoyment of his life other than being 'plugged in' all the time which is respectable. As far as the iOS games, even tho Android is giving them a run for their money, they both have money to run with so I think it's a matter of consumer preference. I for one respect them both but i-apps tend to be less buggy and close correctly when you want them to not hogging up ram.