Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD To Support File Transfer From PSP

GameBlurb - Dreaming of stealth espionage on a bigger screen but don’t want to lose your save? You won’t have to with the new MGS:PW HD!

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darkecho2665d ago

I wish they would do this more often. Portability is cool, but I like the capability to play on the big screen too.

Stakenborg2665d ago

Especially if they release the games together, maybe with some sort of discounted package if you get both.

WildArmed2665d ago

hm, it'd be interesting if they included a psn code for MGSPW (PSP) in the HD collection... but i doubt it.

Either way, I already have MGSPW, and would not want to lose 80 hours of my gameplay.. So I'll be transferring 'in' so to speak.

I still have a ton to do in MGSPW thou =/ But first must get my last two teams to lv99 :D

wicko2665d ago

Probably start a new game anyway, also not sure if trophies are retroactively acquired this way?

DeleteThisxx2665d ago

That'd be nice if they were considering I damn well 100% the game on PSP but I have no problem going through the game again, it was a masterpiece:)