Skyrim vs. Oblivion – A Graphical Comparison (Infographic)

GameFront, "Based on the E3 demo video and the more recent Gamescom screenshots, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will look fantastic. But to truly appreciate the game’s visuals, we need to look back at The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, released in 2006, and see the technological and artistic improvements the past five years have had on the series."

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BrightFalls762670d ago

Why is everyone in Skyrim so gray? Not to say the grahpics won't be stellar but the color looks pretty blah.

MintBerryCrunch2670d ago

I don't think they are gray, but just the standard characters you will see when you go to create one of your own, if you remember, Oblivion let you mess with the color palette of your character a lot, im pretty sure Skyrim will have the same

Tanir2670d ago

everyone in skyrim is still ugly sadly lol just not as ugly

grailly2670d ago

human males are ok, I think, so are argonians and khajit. Females are very ugly though

Tanir2670d ago

yeah your right, to bad though cuz women are supposed to be hot. i mean i was gonna be male anyway but u know if ur gonna marry an ingame woman you want them to look good.

thats one thing more thing witcher 2 did amazing, hot girls that made you want your character to have sex lol

Tony P2670d ago

It is an improvement overall. The anatomy at least shows up visually and you can see actual planes of the face.

But they're only impressive compared to Oblivion. Most other games have much better looking characters.

I don't mind since I really don't play TES for mind-blowing faces. It would just be a nice extra.

superrey192670d ago

To be fair, skin tones were too saturated in oblivion.

sloth33952670d ago

isnt this like the 5th story to show this

Jack_DangerousIy2670d ago

Lol. I wonder if people are STILL saying that "there won't be a big difference in graphics between oblivion and skyrim" I believe the saying would be "eating your words". MMMMM tasty huh?

gersh2670d ago

The Oblivion characters look terrible compared to the Skyrim characters.