Monster Hunter Portable 3rd launches in Japan

Monster Hunter Fever has gripped Japan again, but there are grumblings due to the low-res menus and text files contained within the game.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD launches in Japan

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BX812608d ago

Is there a way to convert the text in the game over to english?

Godmars2902608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Wait for the English version...?

(Please note my level of confidence of that actually happening...)

Kiltedmoose2608d ago

There's no way to translate the text into English. But because Monster Hunter uses a lot of symbols for items, you can just about struggle through if you're familiar with the series.

wwm0nkey2608d ago

From all the impressions I am hearing, a lot of people are not too impressed. Sucks because I really wanted this to come to NA.

Kiltedmoose2608d ago

Yeah, the fact it has no trohpies and requries you to play through Ad Hoc Party isn't great. I would actually like the PSP version to be translated and brought to the West.

Dir_en_grey2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Ad Hoc Party lets you play local w/ other psp's in the same room wirelessly OR on-line (wired) w/ other PS3's & PSP's so they don't split the user base, how is that not great?

Also it does not require you to play through Ad Hoc Party, it actually lets you choose when you start the game. You can start the game w/o adhoc party and play single player.

I have the game and playing it so even don't try to mis-inform people on something you mis-read.

Kiltedmoose2608d ago

Apologies Dir_en_grey, I was referring to the multiplayer mode - I should have made that clearer.