Five Key PS3 Development Figures In The Gaming Industry

''Sony Computer Entertainment is well-known for placing an acute emphasis on identifying, nurturing and fostering talent, as is evident by the creation of high calibre, impressively talented studios such as Sony Santa Monica and the numerous high-profile acquisitions which resulted in highly respected studios such as Media Molecule and Naughty Dog joining and proudly operating under the Sony Worldwide Studios banner.

We here at SilleGamer would like to briefly outline and place an unambiguous, blinding spotlight on five of the very best, key development figures dotted across it's studios – promptly summarising why all are undoubtedly instrumental in creating a distinct wealth of masterfully classic, well-known franchises.''

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remanutd552640d ago

key developers or game directors ? man , those names are class act indeed , among the very best in exclusive content , i would add Nate Fox and Matt Southern to that list


looking @ the pic is making me go to play God of war 3 again...The titan battle never gets old :-)

vsr2640d ago

One Word - Kazunori Yamauchi

Why It's been missed ?

SilleGamer2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Hi remanutd55,

It is just development personnel in general - all specifically working exclusively on the PS3!

We didn't want to be too specific with game directors as an Xbox 360 and Wii related article is in the works. :)

Ares902640d ago

Stig Asmussen:
-Currently working on an unannounced PS3 title, rumoured to be God of War IV.
I hope it's GOW IV, we were supossed to hear something about GOW at Gamescom...

SilleGamer2640d ago

Yep Kratos is returning with a bang.

God of War IV will be announced soon!

NeoBasch2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I hope Stig is still the director. Thought the third was easily the best of the franchise. His direction puts Balrog's to shame and is perhaps even better than Jaffe. The script was also more interesting.

I wouldn't mind seeing them break away from God of War, though. The third pretty much wrapped everything up.

2640d ago
SilleGamer2640d ago


Hopefully Stig does return as game director.

Did a phenomenal job on God of War 3!

Ares902639d ago

wow! you sound really sure about that
May the God of War listens to you

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vglulz2640d ago

Media Molecule is my favourite off that list. I love those guys.

younglj012640d ago

Just unlock Combatt Arena on GoW 3 and its so freaking awesome.