New Final Fantasy Type-0 footage

Check out some brand new footage of Final Fantasy Type-0.

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CrescentFang2672d ago

It seems to be a showcase of summons (I think they're called Eidolons in this one, since it is part of the FNC and I think I've read that's what summons are called in this game)
1st one is Odin (Rem dies), 2nd one is Shiva vs a Behemoth (Sice dies), 3rd is Golem (Queen dies), last is Ifrit (Ace dies)
Strange thing is there is no music...

hano2672d ago

Jeez, that is bad framerate. It was like 20 FPS. That sucks.

I'd rather they skimped a bit on the graphics to have smoother frame rates.

leahcim2671d ago

this will be so huge!!!!!