Head to Head: Is GameStop Evil?

The Gamer Studio: "Ever since media became easily accessible to the masses, there has been a second hand market. A person selling old novels, to make room on their shelves for new works, someone selling old records they’ve listened to over and over to someone wanting to hear what another has loved. For the consumer, this is great. You get to experience media you are almost certain will be good, as well as being drastically cheaper. However, as the world has taught us many times over, whenever someone benefits, someone else suffers."

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2641d ago

Developers don't get a percentage of sales, they get a large sum for a shipment of their game. Sales after that have little to do with the devs.

PSVita2641d ago

i'd would wish that if you truly want a game you'd buy it new. I buy all my games and CDs new because i want the devs to get paid for their hardwork. In most cases your only saving $5 buying used but it's one less sale to the devs. Just check out reviews if worried about quality too.