Promoting Playstation Vita In China

Sony recently held an event in China to promote their upcoming handheld console, PSVita. were lucky enough to get a handful of photos of the event. View the gallery at the source.

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zinki332641d ago

Do want,.. all of them,..

Pozzle2641d ago

Does China have a bigger Playstation market than Australia? I find it kinda strange that they seem to have more big gaming events than we do. Do we just not care about gaming? D:

mr_epsym_knird2641d ago

Considering China had like 60x the population of Australia. I wouldn't doubt it if it's true.

qwertyz2641d ago

the chinese government may restrict its citizens from buying it lol

Vickistheman2640d ago

Do those girls come with the Vita?

tarbis2636d ago

I will buy 2. I want the one with bangs and the short hair =D